Sunday, April 5, 2009

Finally some pictures

Here are some pictures from the past couple days! I was unable to upload these yesterday since Philip had the camera cord with him in his backpack.

Here's the kids on the drive...

"I did most of the driving myself!"
(Notice he's wearing Philip's sunglasses upside down)

Here's lunch!

Philip did an amazing job at finding us great lodging for the week! We also got a great military discount. The condo (two bedroom, two bath) is soo much nicer than being stuck in a hotel

The kitchen (fully stocked with every utensil and dish we would need!)

Dining room

One of the bedrooms

Living room

Our patio (overlooking a beautiful golf course)

The stroller proved to be a Great tool for carrying this in from the car and up the elevator!

Keenan and I with one of my favorite things about the condo - washer and dryer!

Keenan and Moriah hanging out in our bed yesterday morning as I got ready

Keenan being goofy with his cousins, Reagan and Hudson

Moriah and I by the pool

Me with both kids

Jessica, Reagan, Hudson, Matt

Moriah all tuckered out from "swimming", taking a nap in her diaper

My bad sunburn (the funny mark is from my bathing suit ties)
Anyone who knows Philip very well knows that he is Not happy about this! =0/

Cute couple =)

Typical "cheese" grin

Jessica and Hudson

Matt relaxing in the pool while watching basketball on TV =)


Mom W. said...

Moriah really does look better in the tankini than Keenan does. = )

Is the sunburn sore? Love you...

Wish we were there... =(

Flakymn said...

It's funny ... when I saw the sunburn I thought, "ohhh, if I did that, Jb would be majorly ticked off at me ..." and then I read the rest! Ha! We are so in the same boat Joia!