Sunday, April 19, 2009

Family Day

Today has been the first time we've had any extended time together as a family since we got back from Orlando. It was really nice! All four of us snuggled in our bed for quite a while this morning, before Keenan dragged me out to make waffles. After that, we spent a good part of the day hanging out together in the front room (where Philip has a computer set up to work on work stuff).

I guess I really need to be putting bibs on Moriah more often, since she spits up quite a bit now, but I just haven't gotten into the habit yet. The result is lots of outfit changes (which I admit, I don't mind at all!) Here's a quick overview of her clothes of the day... =)

A cute Ralph Lauren dress to start the day

Followed by this green and brown striped outfit...

Part way through the change from that one

Philip caught us girls taking a nap together

Snuggled up to Daddy in outfit #3

Self shot of Philip and Keenan on the couch

I love this one

This afternoon, Philip needed to go to the Fort Walton Beach hospital to do some stuff, so I ran a couple errands with the kids. Since Keenan was so well behaved, we stopped by Wendy's to split a Frosty.


Moriah helped out by hanging on to the movie we picked up
(Have I mentioned before that I'm really glad I have a husband who enjoys animated movies too?)

Moriah watching Keenan play with play-dough
(In outfit #4)

With part of the gift money Tim and Steph sent to the kids, we bought them these cute shirts:

(Outfit #5)

I think he Looks like such a big brother here!

I don't know if I've said this lately or not, but the two of them are Really starting to enjoy each other. Keenan still can't get enough of her, and is very sweet and gentle with her (the Vast majority of the time). She lights up and smiles when he talks to her and plays with her and her eyes follow him all around the room. It's very sweet, and we hope this turns into a permanent close, loving relationship between the two of them.

What is wrong here?
(I think this truck was in an accident and the wheel alignment got messed up or something, because it was being towed Very crooked!) It kind of freaked me out when I saw it in front of me on the bridge, I thought it was headed my way!

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Mom E said...

I loved the "grandma" bib in the one photo. The brother-sister outfits we got in Clearwater are adorable on them. The nap photo & the one where Philip is kissing Keenan were priceless. And the truck photo was hysterical. I would've been really freaked out too.