Friday, April 24, 2009

Date in the Kitchen =)

Tonight Philip actually got home in good time. Keenan had already eaten, so Philip played with him for a while before it was bedtime. Dinner was in the oven and we decided to wait and eat after Keenan went to bed. I ran his bath, and got things ready, and then went to get Moriah (who had just woken up cranky) while Philip gave Keenan his bath.

Moriah went back down pretty quickly, so I decided to quickly put together a "date dinner" while Philip was finishing up with Keenan.

I cleared off the breakfast bar, got out a table cloth, china and wine glasses (that we drank Vanilla Coke out of!) and found some candles and a fresh flower. Then I quickly put on some make up, changed my shirt, and put some music on before he came out!

We sat across from each other (instead of side by side, like usual), and actually talked about stuff that matters during dinner and took our time, just enjoying each other's company. It was really nice! We might make this a weekly thing! =)

For dinner, we had something I had never tried before, and we both loved it! It's on and is called Pork Chop Stuffing Bake, check it out! (this picture is from their website):

It was soo good (kept the pork chop very moist) and EASY!!


Flakymn said...

I love these little Keenan quips ... you'll be so glad you put these here years from now. I hope to do the same with my boys. When they stop saying more than "Hi Da da" ... that's all Isaac's got right now. :)

I can't find your counter on the blog but I am pretty sure I am number 50,000 -- yipee!

Mom W. said...

I was only #49,305 so there is still a ways to go. Maybe you should do a reader questionaire or "How many different people read my blog?" poll just for fun on your the 50,000.

Nice impromptu "date", sometimes they are the most fun, because somebody gets surprised...

The Mac's House said...

Date night at home, how great is that. Food does look so yummy. I bet it was wonderful to catch up and just talk.

grriffins said...

You have good taste...we both have the same tablecloth! :)
Our dates are usually picnic dates since they're easier without kids and those seems to be the only ones we get these days. Not complaining...we LOVE picnics and dates...great having them together!