Thursday, April 16, 2009

Breath of fresh air...

This afternoon, Jodi watched both kids for me for a sweet two and a half hour little "oasis" from the week of rainy days, sick kids, long days without Philip, still unpacking from our trip, and almost No trips out of the house, where I had any interaction with other adults (other than the lady at the post office and the cashier at the Commissary).

Becky and I went for a nice walk at Turkey Creek and then headed over to Ruby Tuesday for some cold drinks and dessert. It was so refreshing (in every way) and made me feel like a real person again, not only a mom. =)

Becky and I

Here's what I ordered (it looked MUCH smaller on the menu, and I expected it to be even smaller than pictured... isn't that how it always goes with desserts?) Well, not this time... this thing was as big as my head!

It was the perfect summer treat... fresh strawberries, rich vanilla ice cream, a light puff pastry and whipped cream!

When we got back to the house, Becky hung out for a while (and got sucked into reading Keenan Lots of books!) Look at her, quite the pro with both kids! =)

She's the latest addition to Keenan's "best friend" list... =)

Thank you Jodi and Becky for a great afternoon! =0)

Keenan helping me make jello this evening (another thing I LOVE)
He's actually really good at stirring without making it splash out!

Here's a couple pictures of Moriah trying to decide what to wear to the beach on Saturday:

Do I go with the red one piece with the little skirt?

.... or the blue and green palm trees...

... maybe with this cute little surfer shirt over top?

Or just go with my usual pink and brown tankini...

...with a cute shirt and hat?
Decisions... decisions...


Flakymn said...

Does she really have that many bathing suits?!?!? Holy cow.

And look at her standing up.

And look at the size of that dessert. :)

Thanks for being such a great friend Joia. You meant a lot to me this week even if you were doing it online.

Mom W. said...

Nice fashion show... I like the red!!! Well, I like them all, but she looks like a little cheerleader in the red and her fat little knees are so cute!

Mom E said...

Oh I miss them so much!! My heart ached to be the one there reading to them! ;-)

Jen said...

How cute! Love the red one! ;) So fun to see her wearing it!

mamunaco said...

Isn't it amazing how great a few hours away can make you feel?!?! Refreshed, just like you said!!!