Thursday, April 2, 2009

....almost on Vacation!!

Okay... moving on from pregnancy news.... =)

Today has been a whirlwind (almost literally with the crazy weather we've been having!) of a day, and I am ready to breath a big sigh of relief, now that it is almost over, and I actually accomplished almost everything I set out to do!

While Philip was getting ready for work, I gave Keenan his breakfast, put some laundry in the washer, fed Moriah, and finished writing my grocery list. After he left, I dressed the kids, had a shower, called up my friend Brittny (who Amazingly agreed to watch Keenan for a couple hours for me), sent some emails, and then headed out the door. First I dropped Keenan off to play with his buddy, Christopher. Then Moriah and I went to the Honda dealership to have the oil changed in the van. Sitting in the (nice) customer lounge for the 15 minutes it took them was a really nice little break in the day. =) I also discovered that it's not so bad feeding a baby in a restroom if it's nice and it's clean. =)

After that we headed back on base and picked up a cooler I'm borrowing from Wendi, dropped off some recycling, went grocery shopping, and then picked up Keenan (who was having so much fun he didn't want to leave!) Brittny you Rock!! On the way home we made one more stop, to drop a baby gift off at our friend's house (I was hoping to get one or two more things done, but at this point Moriah had decided she'd had Enough of the van and started Screaming!) Fortunately, we were just down the street from our house, so I was able to get her home and happy pretty fast.

When we got home, I did some more laundry, put the kids down for naps, went online and had our mail held for the time that we're gone, went outside and brought in our pools and toys and secured Keenan's cars etc.. in the screen porch. In between hard bouts of rain I made several trips out to the van with bins and boxes of food, toys, towels, pool toys etc... We are taking a TON of stuff!

Shortly after Keenan got up, he and I were snuggling in the rocking chair, watching the storm out the patio doors, when I saw a Huge limb on a tree across the road bend almost in half from the wind, at which point we decided to head downstairs and call and ask Philip if there was a tornado watch or anything going on (our internet does very poorly in bad weather). He said there wasn't, so we headed back upstairs and I started packing clothes for Philip and I, and started some chicken cooking that I want to freeze and take with us.

The rain stopped again around 5:30, so we jumped back in the van to knock off my last two errands (going to the library before they closed at 6,to pick up a Baby Einstein DVD for the trip, and dropping a movie off at Blockbuster).

Shortly after we got home, Philip came home, and the next couple hours were filled with playtime, dinner, baths, and getting the kids to bed. Right now the two of us are chilling on the computer for a bit, before we launch into the final trip preparations and head to bed. We hope to get an early"ish" start in the morning, since it's a seven hour drive, and Philip has to be at his conference in the late afternoon.

A quick rundown of what our trip will be like:

Friday - drive, drive, drive, check in, move in to our condo.

Saturday - Philip at conference all day. He's actually been asked to give one of the lectures at 2:30. He's doing a presentation on "Plant Induced Dermatitis" (that John K put together and Philip has edited, updated and done further research for). He'll be presenting to 250 people! His sister, Jessica, and her husband Matt, and their two boys, Reagan and Hudson are coming to visit.

Sunday - Philip conference, Mom, Jeff and Isaac come to visit.

Monday and Tuesday- Philip in conference all day, and ideally the kids and I spending large amounts of time in the pool! =)

Wednesday - half day of conference, then we plan to head to Tampa to visit Philip's Grandma
(The next few days aren't set in stone yet, things may happen in a different order than this):

Thursday - DISNEY!!!! I think Mom, Jeff and Isaac are going to join us as well.

* I feel an explanation is due here. Up until recently, Philip and I both agreed on the topic of "Disney and Small Children". Our thought was (and this will sound like blasphemy to some of you reading this), that there was no point in paying a lot of money to take small kids to Disney, who won't even Remember it, and who aren't old enough to do most of the things that We would consider fun anyway. I said, "I think we'll take our kids to Disney when they're old enough... and Philip jumped in with "to go their own way once we get in the gate and say 'See you when the park closes!' =)... but I was going to say, .."when they're old enough to really understand it all, and take it all in, and remember it, (and get themselves around the park on their own two legs)." So... we had no intention of taking our kids until they were at least five or so.

However... When it was decided that one of next year's chiefs (Philip being the only one available) needed to attend the USAFP (Unites States Academy of Family Physicians) conference in Orlando, AND Disney is offering Free tickets to active duty military and (significantly) discounted tickets to dependants AND both of our kids are in the "Free under Three" category, we just decided it would be stupid to NOT go.

So... we're going to Disney! =) I'm very excited to take the kids, and see what Keenan thinks of it all (and to take about a million pictures..)

I also have to add - I had never been to Disney until I was 23 (and then went again a year or so later), and even at that age, I still found it very majical and enchanting (especially the nightime parade by Cinderella's Castle!)

(Okay, back to the itinerary)

Friday - Philip and I go to Disney alone (to do "big kid stuff") while Mom babysits for us! Woohoo!

Saturday - We either go to Disney again, with just the four of us, or head to Merritt Island to do something "Eastery" with the family. (This will likely depend on how well the kids do at Disney, what the weather is like, and if we really Do feel like "it's the Happiest place on earth!")

Sunday - pack up, drive, drive, drive, unload (and then not actually unpack until a week later) LOL

Well, this is definitely the most words that I've put into a blog post in a while, and I have (gasp!) not a single picture to add to it. What is this world coming to?!?

P.S. The first sentence of this post was for those who hadn't yet read yesterday's, I have to reel some more in if I can... =)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I see both sides of the argument for Disney- the reason you weren't going to go and now the reason you are! Sounds like fun!
So you have a whole condo with bedrooms? I was kind of picturing you in a hotel room and was wondering how you'd do anything if you were afraid of waking up the kids... Sounds like a GREAT trip! I'm so glad that you and Philip are going to get some time to yourselves! Have fun with your family.
Love you heaps,

denise said...

I TOTALLY agree about being old enough for the kids to enjoy it and walk on their own two feet. That is when we want to take ours! But when you are not having to take a plane, you are staying right there, you get a discount and the kids are free - you'd be CRAZY not to try it! Then if it only works out for a few hours, you don't feel bad leaving. I think that's when the crankiness sets in, when you try and stay from open to close with smaller kids, so you can get your money's worth!
BTW, I totally was going to mention that I thought there was a GREAT deal for military if you purchased it on base (I think that is what I read months ago) if you hadn't mentioned it. Glad you are getting a great deal!!! Have a FUN and SAFE trip!

Flakymn said...

Okay, a few things:

1. I am exhausted from reading this. Yikes. What a day.

2. I'm with you on Disney but I too would go if the situation availed itself.

3. Aren't you glad you have a mini-van for this trip? It is like travelling in your living room!

Becky said...

What a day you had, you are one busy woman! I hope you guys have a great trip!