Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Airplanes and Little Boys...

These first two pictures are from last night. Moriah wasn't feeling well and I was having a hard time comforting her. I finally made her a little spot to sit on the futon and sat down beside her...

"This Little Piggy"

She liked this!

We've been to the Air Armament Museum a bunch of times, but not since Keenan was able to walk around on his own and really enjoy planes. We had some time this afternoon, so we headed over there. Keenan loved it! It worked especially well, since there are wide open areas for him to run around in between the planes.

Oops! The flip flops didn't work that well in the grass
(Good thing Mommy brought a back up pair of shoes!)

Wow! Keenan is so strong, he's holding up this C-130 all by himself!

Keenan and I with a Huey

I thought this was cute

He had a great time, walking along Under the planes (must be nice to be short enough to walk in the shade)

With an EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) vehicle

The two of us with a bomb

I can't believe how tiny he looks next to this B-52!

Under the Blackbird

With a huge helicopter - the newest addition to the museum

Keenan kept saying, "Drive it, sit in it!" (Like he did in all the trucks at Construction Junction), and I kept telling him that we couldn't "drive" any of them and we weren't even supposed to touch them. When we went inside, he was thrilled to Finally be able do "drive" something. Here he is in a couple of the trainer units:


A little small to fit the seat, but still in complete control!

"Hey Mom, I'm flying!"

So many controls...

Front view

With the Huge flag

Boys and guns... =)

These are really cool models of a bunch of different planes hanging in a display case

Pushing the stroller as we were leaving
(The last time we were here, he was just learning to walk, holding onto the basket on the stroller!)

A new monument outside that I thought was cool
(When Keenan saw it, he said, "Doggy get down!")

Keenan and the big dog

After leaving the museum, we went to Sonic for a FREE Route 44 size (it's huge) Cherry Limeade! Last time I went, the receipt I got had a number I could call, answer three questions about my experience at that Sonic, and I'd get a free drink! It doesn't get much better than that!

Then we stopped by the place where Keenan used to have speech therapy to say hi to Barbara and a couple friends that we had made there. Keenan was having so much fun he didn't want to leave. I said, "Keenan it's time to go". He said, "Bye bye, Mama", and I said, "What are you going to do if I leave you all by yourself?" He said, "Toys!" =)

Caught this on our way home for naps

The last of the jam I made this morning


The Mac's House said...

That jam looks very yummy.

Loved the photo of Keenan holding up the plane, too cute!

Flakymn said...

Joia I am so impressed by your field trips ... where DO you find the energy, not only to go but to take pictures while you are there.

Strong work friend!

Anonymous said...

haha i remember holding Keenan in that little air plane last year when i was there....soo cute!

grriffins said...

You got a picture with Huey, but what about Duey and Luey?

yes, I know I'm just not military stuff, am I?!

Mom W. said...

The "Look, I'm Flying" one has never shown up, only blank for some reason...

Joia said...

Weird... I don't know why that is - it shows up fine for me

Mom E said...

shows up fine for me too. I too am amazed at your energy to just go on the field trips let alone take all the photos, but I'm so glad you do! :-)