Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Moriah at 15 months??

I came across this picture today, and am wondering if this is what Moriah (with her lack of hair) might look like at 15 months! =)

Poor beginning, great end...

That's how today was... Moriah was awake about five times last night, and then Keenan decided to get up at 6:40 this morning! I was soooo tired, and not ready to start the day at all. I tried to get Keenan to take a nap midmorning before the wifia lunch (so I could rest as well), but to no avail... so I took the kids and my sleepy self over to the park to meet our friends (no sense staying home and being tired, may as well let Keenan burn off some energy to ensure a good afternoon nap!) =)

Another reason I made sure we got to the lunch was because I had made this to take:

This is similar to a dessert I made a couple weeks ago, but this time I used my own pound cake and made up the filling

Top view

Moriah being cute (again)

April H (in the center) happened to be at the park with her kids too, so she joined us for dessert!

Keenan enjoying his dessert

Showing me his dirty face (after I told him that we weren't playing in the water today, he went and got all dirty and said, "Wash, water!" Smart little stinker, but it didn't work...)

Keenan was such a big help carrying things in from the van when we got home!

Two and a half hour naps for all.... oh, sweet, sweet sleep.... zzzzzzzz

This evening, William came over to play for a little while (while Tiff went to a meeting, until Matt could pick him up)...

Cute picture of the buddies
(William's not too sure about all the love)

After William left, we drove and met Philip and then went to...

Baskin Robbins (a joint we Never frequent because of their prices) was having a special "31 cent scoop" event this evening (to support Fire Fighters, I think), so we decided to go. There was a huge line up outside as well as a pretty lengthy line of cars for the drive through, so I dropped Philip and Keenan at the Uptown Station park and went and got in line (since Moriah was asleep in her car seat).

It took a while, but was Definitely worth the wait!

I got Caramel Turtle, Philip had Cookies and Cream and Keenan got Chocolate (I think they gave him the most!)

Check this out! Look at how much we saved on nine scoops of ice cream!
(THIS is why we never go there!)

Enjoying our ice cream at the park

Where's Mine??

Oh, ya...

Determined he's going to eat it ALL!

In the words of Luigi, from Cars... "This is the most glorious day of my life!"

I gave Moriah one of the spoons to play with...

"I know what this is - hey, look, I can do my own eye test!"

Just kidding... I know what it's for!

He Loves to climb!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Airplanes and Little Boys...

These first two pictures are from last night. Moriah wasn't feeling well and I was having a hard time comforting her. I finally made her a little spot to sit on the futon and sat down beside her...

"This Little Piggy"

She liked this!

We've been to the Air Armament Museum a bunch of times, but not since Keenan was able to walk around on his own and really enjoy planes. We had some time this afternoon, so we headed over there. Keenan loved it! It worked especially well, since there are wide open areas for him to run around in between the planes.

Oops! The flip flops didn't work that well in the grass
(Good thing Mommy brought a back up pair of shoes!)

Wow! Keenan is so strong, he's holding up this C-130 all by himself!

Keenan and I with a Huey

I thought this was cute

He had a great time, walking along Under the planes (must be nice to be short enough to walk in the shade)

With an EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) vehicle

The two of us with a bomb

I can't believe how tiny he looks next to this B-52!

Under the Blackbird

With a huge helicopter - the newest addition to the museum

Keenan kept saying, "Drive it, sit in it!" (Like he did in all the trucks at Construction Junction), and I kept telling him that we couldn't "drive" any of them and we weren't even supposed to touch them. When we went inside, he was thrilled to Finally be able do "drive" something. Here he is in a couple of the trainer units:


A little small to fit the seat, but still in complete control!

"Hey Mom, I'm flying!"

So many controls...

Front view

With the Huge flag

Boys and guns... =)

These are really cool models of a bunch of different planes hanging in a display case

Pushing the stroller as we were leaving
(The last time we were here, he was just learning to walk, holding onto the basket on the stroller!)

A new monument outside that I thought was cool
(When Keenan saw it, he said, "Doggy get down!")

Keenan and the big dog

After leaving the museum, we went to Sonic for a FREE Route 44 size (it's huge) Cherry Limeade! Last time I went, the receipt I got had a number I could call, answer three questions about my experience at that Sonic, and I'd get a free drink! It doesn't get much better than that!

Then we stopped by the place where Keenan used to have speech therapy to say hi to Barbara and a couple friends that we had made there. Keenan was having so much fun he didn't want to leave. I said, "Keenan it's time to go". He said, "Bye bye, Mama", and I said, "What are you going to do if I leave you all by yourself?" He said, "Toys!" =)

Caught this on our way home for naps

The last of the jam I made this morning

Monday, April 27, 2009

My dinner...

Yup, this is what I just had for dinner!

Okay, so it doesn't exactly cover all the food groups, but it sure hit the spot! (And photographing food is sometimes as much fun as photographing people!) =)

Layers of pound cake and ice cream, fresh strawberries and our own blackberries, and topped off with cool whip!

Fun times

The day started with Keenan hanging out with his buddy, William for a couple hours, while I took Moriah to her four month (a little late) doctor's appointment. She is a happy, healthy baby, doing everything she's supposed to be, and weighed in at 14.5 pounds. (At this age, Keenan weighed 18.5 pounds!)

"Ooooh, that's a little cold, Doc!"

Dr. G checking out her tummy skills

All snuggled up with her bunny after her shots

It was kind of a cranky afternoon for both kids, so I decided we needed to get out of the house, so we took Myrtle some cake, berries and jam, and visited in the backyard for a while.

Pretty hibiscus

Waiting at the door for Myrtle to bring out the tea =)

Moriah trying to gnaw on Myrtle

Fast asleep...the shots and fresh air combined with Myrlte's comfy arms - she didn't have a chance

Keenan popping a wheelie with his car

Back at home, in the pool, then some sand play and then some Nascar activity in the driveway... while Moriah napped in the stroller and I read a magazine on the porch!

Feet pulled up for the fast ride down the driveway slope towards the house

Trying out some different angles

I love this one

Peeking over the edge of her seat

Keenan wanted Mommy to get in his car! =0)

A spider web shining in the sun (it looks really cool if you click on it)

I love how his belly sticks out here!

"Wow, what is IN there?"

Smelling flowers

Pretty flowers that John and Becky brought last night!