Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Special afternoon with Myrtle

Keenan, Moriah and I just spent the afternoon over at Myrtle's. I think it was significant for several reasons:

It's the first really warm day that we've spent together this year.
It's the first time we've hung out on the back porch "like old times", since Frank died.
There are still four of us, but one has passed on, and a new one has arrived.
It was the first time Myrtle has really held Moriah for a long period of time, and is now getting to know her, just like she did with Keenan when he was just a few months old two summers ago.

I took this first picture, because I thought it symbolized a new year, a new start, the flowers are blooming, and we're drinking tea on the back porch again....

I was feeling kind of sentimental about it all and decided to put my thoughts into a little poem:

Gray days are gone
Warm spring air is here
Old leaves have fallen
New ones appear
One old friend has passed, we say goodbye for a while
The one still here coaxes a new baby's smile

A new year A few tears
The memories we're making will be with us for years
We're thankful for friends
And we hope Frank can see
Us laugh as we talk about him...

On the porch drinking tea

Myrtle and Moriah

Taking a snooze


Flower child

Keenan was so carefree and sweet, and was having so much fun, I had a hard time narrowing down my picture choices:

These flowers are blooms on turnips gone to seed...
The last crop that Frank planted

He just plopped right down

Running back to us with some flowers he picked

A sweet gift for Myrtle

Looking for butterflies

Myrtle talking to Riah after she woke up

A fun shot as Keenan watched the birds

Wearing the boots again...

... a year later

After our visit, Keenan wanted Myrtle to walk back to our house with us (so he could show off for her, I think)

Off roadin'!

Listening intently to something Myrtle was saying

All hot and sweaty (with two matching scraped knees)
And ready for a second nap! =)


Mom E said...

Myrtle looked great! Your poem was awesome...ok, is there anything you *can't* do?!! The flower girl photo of Moriah was adorable and the ones of Keenan in the flowers were great shots as well. You rock.

Flakymn said...

What a sweet post. I hope Myrtle knows how to blog so she can see this?

Mom W. said...

The azaleas are beautiful, oh for some flowers... Sew, Kathleen, she doesn't sew, but I think she does most everything else she tries and does really well, too numerous to mention... =)

Jessica said...

LOL! Your mom cracks me up with her comment. You can't sew and now the whole world knows! ;) Reagan has that Cars table and we have gotten SOOO much use out of it. All the little wifia kids will love sitting at it. Dad loves the chairs it came with because they lock in place. Myrtle looks great and your poem was so beautiful. Frank would be thrilled to know you are carrying on the traditions. The boot picture a year ago is unreal! I cannot believe how little Keenan was and how much he has grown in just one year! Love you guys. Sorry for the novel. :)