Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quick news

We have had another great day with my family, hanging out, laughing, and eating lots of good food! It is currently almost midnight and Philip and I just finished packing up most of our stuff and putting it in the van. We have a fairly early start in the morning, since we're stopping at Niagara Falls, then visiting some family in Ohio, before heading to his grandparents house (also in Ohio) for the night.

Pictures from today and tomorrow will have to wait until the uber long "MI/ON trip" post when we get home.

I'm not sure if I'll be posting tomorrow night or not. Hopefully at least a short little blurb about the day.



Mom W. said...

Sigh, yup they are gone.... it's awful quiet around here... but it was a great visit, (too short- but, great!) and we are SOOOOO glad they came. Love you guys, =)

Tara said...

Miss you in FLA, Joia! Wish I could have seen you while I was visiting John/Wendi. Enjoy your vacation!!