Thursday, March 19, 2009


A rare picture of just us girls together
(Sometimes I just can't resist holding her while she sleeps)

Philip and Keenan bonding over Peter Rabbit's adventures

This morning our MOPS group had a playdate at KidZone. Keenan and I had gone there a couple weeks ago (and I wasn't impressed with the cost - over $12!) Well today we got a great deal ($5) and the whole place to ourselves for two hours! Sweeet!

On the way there, Keenan was very excited and kept saying "Kids Own!"

Keenan, Gabby and Tucker

Moriah sittin' pretty

"Woah, where did he come from?"

On the go
(M and R, he has recieved So many compliments on this outfit from you guys!)

Attempting to follow Jonathan, "the super climber" up the wall

Just chillin'

Cute dude

Balancing on the ledge
(Which I found out later the kids aren't supposed to do! Oops...)

Riding the jet ski backwards =)


After we finished at KidZone, most of us headed over to Taco Town for lunch....

Jen with most of the kids while the moms ordered

Keenan and I
(I had a Fantastic Guacamole/Taco salad and Keenan had his first taco!)

All played out...

I caught a C-130 flying overhead


Jessica said...

You are so skinny! Seriously, your arms look so toned. I love your hair too. Miss Moriah is so adorable-I can't wait to see her and Keenan next month (oh, and you and Phil!) :) Love, Jessica

Joia said...

Thanks Jess... actually just last night I was saying to Philip, "I really need to do some sort of toning exercise for my arms!" =)

Mom E said...

LOL, this is too funny...BEFORE I read the comments, when I was looking at the photo of you and Moriah, I thought to myself, I need to make sure to tell Joia in the comments section how great she looks and how skinny her arms looked!

And then I scrolled down and saw Jessica's comments!

Love, Mom