Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our trip to MI/ON/OH

Okay, here it is finally, the "picture overview" of our trip up North!

This post has more pictures than I have Ever posted at once before... I've tried to break the week up into different days and visits:

Friday, February 28

On the road...

On the way... yay for cool library books!

We were sooo glad we decided to push on through the night and drive straight there. The kids both did Really well during the night. Once it was light out though, Keenan was ready to be out of the van!

Philip and Moriah way in the back during a stop around 6:30 am (at the second Tim Hortons we got to)

19 hours later we're Finally there!!

Man, it's cold here!

Saturday evening visit with Uncle Dennis and Aunt Mary:

Meeting Moriah

Wearing Keenan's hat =)

Philip in the hat =)

I love this little velour suit (from Aunt Mary and Uncle Dennis at Christmas)

With both kids

Sunday, March 1

Daddy/Keenan piano duo

Quick snap

Joint Birthday party for Keenan and Emma:

Moriah all dressed up and ready to meet lots of relatives!
(and boy did she ever...)

Angela and her boyfriend, Joe

Aunt Toni

Aunt Patti and Paul


Great Grandma Dooley

Aunt Maryann
(and Aunt Patti and Aunt Mary)

Uncle Tim


Pound it!

Cute boys
(Keenan sat in Philip's lap for a while after everyone got there... he was a little overwhelmed by all the people)

Liam and I

Keenan and Philip with Uncle Phil and Uncle Ron

With all of Moriah's presents!

Keenan tearing into his presents

Moriah with a new cute lovey

How cute is this outfit???

Unwrapping some cool puzzles

Philip's favorite gift that Keenan got! =)

The cute cake (Keenan's candle is missing because it broke)

Megan and Keenan

Bring on the cake!

He sure knows what to do with a big piece of cake!!

Uncle Ty and Uncle Tim playing with Keenan's new puzzles =)

Philip bowling with the Wii
(He played a bunch of sports, including tennis, baseball, boxing)

Keenan playing with Taylor

I think he was confused about whether he was turning 2 or 21!!
(No, he didn't actually drink any, I caught him just in time)

Sunday evening visit with Dave and Gretta:

Gretta showing Keenan their salt water fish tank

She even made Keenan some Easy Mac!

Hey kid, haven't you ever heard of "personal space"?

Gretta, Dave and Moriah

Sleepy boy on the way home

Woohoo! Tim Horton's Iced Cap Supreme!

Funny sideways hat

Monday, March 2

Breakfast with our friends, Anthony and Melissa

This was the first time we'd been together since we both had baby girls!

Why am I wearing so many clothes???

Anthony and Melissa with Maddy and Moriah

Cute friends

Big brother Keenan with the girls

A kiss for Maddy...

...and one for Riah!

Melissa and Moriah

Melissa just made a friend for life... she reads books! =)

What IS this stuff??

Lunch at Red Robin with Grandma Dooley:

Moriah checking Grandma out

Giving his moose a drink =)

Still crazy about each other

...and just crazy

Using an Etch A Sketch for the first time

This group picture came out really dark and I wasn't able to lighten it much

This one just made me smile

Dinner Monday evening at Aunt Patti's new house:

Aunt Patti and Riah

Keenan and Philip wrestling/playing with Keenan's new blocks

Tuesday, March 3

Across the border to Canada...

Short visit with our friends, Laura and Nathan:

Chatting with Moriah

"Oh the stories I could tell you about your Mom..."

All bundled back up in her Bunny suit

My parent's house Tuesday evening:

My dad meeting Moriah for the first time

Keenan being shy


Riah sleeping on Uncle Rob

With Grandpa

Wednesday, March 4

Funny picture of my mom with "two little dolls"

Trip to visit my dad's parents in Orangeville, ON:

Keenan wearing gloves on his feet

Meeting their great granddaughter for the first time

The young and old studying each other...

Group shot

Little boy, BIG chair!

Trying out the remote

I think Keenan was probably the last baby they held before Moriah

Here Grandpa, try my Etch A Sketch!

Family gathering/party for Keenan at my parent's house Wednesday evening:

Uncle Mark throwing Keenan up in the air

Dressed up in a cute outfit from Mark and Rebekah

Moriah with my Aunt Nora

"Riding" the exercise bike with Alex's help


The four of us with the cute cake my mom made

Daddy and his girl
(I think she's doing "Hail to the Victors")


I could get used to this whole cake thing!!

Unwrapping presents

A big hit... a book about trucks!

Moriah modelling a really cute coat she got!

Wow, I am worn out from all this attention!

Thursday, March 5

"Bus therapy"

The day we left, Keenan had seen a bunch of school buses at his friend's school, and for some reason, when he came home, he kept saying, "Bus...scary". Since we don't want him to continue to be afraid of buses, it worked out really well that my sister in law, Ada drives a school bus and offered to take us for a ride!

Getting on

Trying out the driver's seat

Now THAT is scary!!

Watching the world go by

Sitting in the back seat

Me "sitting on Keenan's lap"

Running back up the aisle at the end of the trip

With Ada (he couldn't stop talking about her after this!)

Success! "Bus...scary", changed to "Yay Bus!!"

A rare picture of just the two of us

With the most snow we could find in one place!

Keenan in front of my parent's wood pile

Keenan's first haircut!


I saved almost everything she cut off! =)

Sit still!

Uncle Mark snoozing with Riah

At Mark and Rebekah's house Thursday evening:

Dad and Moriah

Sitting down to a Delicious dinner!

Sleepy boy...

The Sistas - Rebekah, Me, Ada

Friday, March 6

Niagara Falls

Philip and Keenan

Me and the kiddos

I love this one...

We took this one so we could prove to Moriah that she was there!

There she is!

Keenan watching the water go by

American Falls

Our best (chilly) picture of the four of us
The dudes

They're so pretty when they're frozen!

Self shot

The mist was so heavy we couldn't even see the bottom of the Falls at all!

A welcome sight on a cold, windy, wet day!!

At Trisha and Charlie's in Ohio Friday evening:

Cute couple

Keenan playing air hockey with Micah

"Let me just adjust the score here a minute..."


Score! Probably on himself...

Kiah, Trisha, Charlie, Micah and us

Saturday, March 7

Moriah watching Daddy work on the computer

Great Great Grandma Eberts

Great Grandma Eberts and Moriah

Great G and G with both kids

Grandma and Keenan

Ready to hit the road again...
(The weather was finally starting to warm up!)

Yay! Let's drive some more!!
(What followed was actually her worst leg of the trip... we think she had finally reached her limit)
You know you've been driving too long when...

You look back and your son has crackers between his toes!!

By that evening, we decided to actually stop and sit down for dinner, instead of driving through somewhere.... what a nice little break!

Some happy boys at Shoney's

Happy girls too

After spending the night in a hotel in Alabama, we were finally on the last leg of the trip...

Keenan watching Cars

At a park for lunch:
Probably my favorite picture of the two of them yet!

Moriah not loving the swing with Keenan

Moriah and I swinging

Our kids are soo blessed:

Keenan's birthday gifts from our trip

Moriah's gifts

Phew! And that's that!!


The Woodford's said...

Yay!! Love all the pic's!! Thanks so much for sharing. Wish we could have been there too with all of you!
Love you,

(Aunt) Jessica said...

Oh my goodness. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! Moriah's new boots look adorable! I love the pics at Anthony and Melissa's. Their daughter is adorable and Melissa looks great!

HAPPY (real) BIRTHDAY KEENAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom W. said...

151 pictures - a record breaker I am sure... What a trip!

denise said...

oh my, love the pictures! I smell a photo book coming...

Maybe it's because I don't have a girl, but that pink blanket and rain boots are ADORABLE!

A Day In the Life . . . said...

I know I'm supposed to talk about how precious all these babies are, but I thought the picture of your grandparents was just amazing (ur grandparents right?). They are a beautiful couple - not sure what it is about the elderly with the very young that makes such an impression.
At my old church in high school there was this elderly man, a farmer, who would go up to the alter on sundays. His little granddaughters, who were probably 2 or 3 would climb all over him, while he was trying to pray, and it always made me a little teary-eyed.
AND Boy do I miss Tim Hortons! I think I used to go there at least 2 times a week, since it was just down the street in Belleville.