Friday, March 6, 2009

Only 14 hours on the road left....

I’m hoping to get this posted tonight… as I’m writing it’s 8:33 pm and we’re driving through Ohio, on our way to Grandpa and Grandma Eberts where we’ll stay the night.

It’s been a pretty long day already. We hit the road shortly after 8, and were at Niagara Falls by 10. Since it’s off season and it was a cold, windy day, there was hardly anyone there and we didn’t even have to pay for parking! Keenan had never been before (and obviously Moriah hadn’t) and Philip and I had never been there Together before, so it was really cool to have the time to stop. I’m not sure that I’ve been there in the winter before, and it looked totally different with the snow and ice and the frosty mist – beautiful! We walked quite a ways along the water and got tons of pictures of the falls on the Canadian and American sides. Keenan actually had his picture taken several times by a group of tourists, it was really funny! =)

Before we got back in the car, we went to Tim Hortons to warm up and had some hot chocolate and timbits. It’s “Roll up the Rim” time at Tim Horton’s, but even after several different purchases during this visit, we didn’t have any winners… =0/

After leaving the falls and crossing the border into New York, we were on the road for about four and half hours to Minerva, OH, where we stopped for dinner and a visit with Trisha and Charlie (Philip’s sister and brother in law) and their two kids, Micah and Kiah. Keenan had a Great time playing with the kids and the dogs and definitely didn’t want to leave and get back in the van several hours later.

Now we’re headed to Hamden, OH, and should arrive there around midnight….

We’ll probably spend part of the day with Grandpa and Grandma tomorrow and then hit the road. We’re not sure if we’ll drive straight through this time or not. We just want to make sure that we’re home in time on Sunday for Philip to have some down time before going back to work on Monday.

Here's some pictures (not all in the right order... it's almost 1:00):

The American falls

A fun seagull shot
My boys

Yay, Tim Hortons!

The four of us

With Kiah, Trisha, Charlie and Micah

Well, I think I found the sweetest place on earth... at around 10:30 (10:34 pm exactly according to Philip), in West Virginia (our 9th, and final state of this trip), we passed an exit that had BOTH Tim Hortons and Sonic!!!

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Mom E said...

You guys are awesome. I can't believe every place you've been and all the people you've seen. I think you've done more in one week than most people can do in a month!
Love you, Mom