Saturday, March 21, 2009

Little Boy Heaven/Date Afternoon

This morning, while Philip was working at the Crossroads Center (free) Medical Clinic, the kids and I went to "Construction Junction" at the Fairgrounds. It's an annual free kids event where they have all different kinds of trucks, bulldozers, heavy machinery, a fire truck, police car, ambulance, etc. for the kids to look at and climb on. What more could a little boy want??

(If you think this is a lot of pictures... I trimmed it down from 88!)

This seat was so high, I had to lift Keenan over my head to get him up there!

Joining him in the clouds

This thing was Massive!

"Yes, I know what I'm doing!"


In the bulldozer together

Keenan at the controls

Sitting on the track

I have no idea what Keenan is doing here!

He didn't want to sit in this one, but I thought this was a fun picture

He didn't sit in this one either, but the operator would put the dump up and down for each kid!

This was a truck that picks up lawn debris with it's huge "claw"

Keenan Loved this one! =)
(Kids weren't allowed inside though, because there's too many switches)

Keenan and his friend, Madison

I want to drive a street sweeper when I grow up!

"Uh, a little help, Mom!"

Posing in the bucket

In the ambulance, pulling the horn
(He didn't realize he should let go and it just kept blaring REALLY loudly!)

Inside the ambulance

Finally at the firetruck (probably his favorite)

Cool dude checking out those big tires

Hopefully this will be the Only time he spends any time in the backseat of a cop car!

Chillin' on the hood

Trying out the Sherrif's motorcycle

He found the siren button by accident and scared himself! =)

And if you're wondering how it is that a cop has a Harley....
There you have it

Next we went over to where Home Depot was giving away small building project kits... as well as these awesome miniature aprons!

"You can do it, I can help (break it)"

...and on to the huge sand pile!

Snuggled under Keenan's apron for an extra layer of warmth against the breeze

Back to the fire truck =)

Keenan going into the Fire Safety House
(Once he actually got in, he got scared and wanted out)

Before heading home, we stopped by the clinic to see Philip and get a tour. It's newly opened and is a beautiful facility that will be able to help so many! One of the staff doctors from Eglin is the Medical Director. It's also really cool that it's only a few blocks from our house!

This afternoon, for the second time since Moriah's birth, we had a totally kid free date! This is the first time we've left both kids with anyone but my mom. Jodi was certainly up to the challenge though. =)

Due to another great deal they had going on, we went to TGI Fridays again. I had a fantastic half rack of ribs and Philip had the Beef Stroganoff, which was awesome!

This turned out a little dark

After a leisurely lunch and some great conversation about goals, aspirations, and our upcoming Disney trip, we decided (well, I really wanted to, and Philip humored me) to go to the beach for a little bit. Since Spring Break craziness has started, we drove Forever before we could find a parking spot any where near a beach access point!

It was funny, because now that I live here, I would Never swim at this time of year, and even found the breeze a little cool, but I also know that if I was one of the vacationing Canadians, I would have totally been in the water with the other crazy nuts! =)

A kind passerby agreed to take this for us
(the water was So pretty!)

I actually like this one a little better that we took ourselves

Next we decided we needed ice cream, so we went to Destin Commons and indulged at Coldstone Creamery! Yum!! There was some sort of Family Day/Festival going on, so there was lots of fun stuff to look at and watch while we ate.

I had Berry Berry Berry Good and Philip had Oreo Overload or something

When we went to get the kids, Jodi said that both of them had slept most of the time - yay!

Jodi and Moriah
(I love the pose!)

Keenan loved meeting and playing with Jackson, Cliff and Jodi's new dog
(Isn't he beautiful?)

Giving him a treat


Flakymn said...

We always said, "Those Crazy Canadians" whenever we saw people in the water in South Florida in "the winter" ... ;)

Mom/Gr'ma E said...

of course my *fav* pic was Keenan on the Harley....oh yeah, my goal still remains to own one someday! :-)