Friday, March 20, 2009

Ladies Night

Keenan and Moriah wearing their cute brown outfits:

Not sure what Moriah is looking at

Tonight was the second (now monthly) Ladies Night for the women in the Family Medicine Residency. It was another great time with lots of good food, fun people, and great conversation. We also compiled lists of (hopefully) helpful things for the new incoming intern class.

Moriah and I ready to head out

Becky and Moriah

Taking a snooze

Brittney, Marlise, Jodi

Barbara, Me, Kacey



Wendi and Elijah

Bethany and Celeste

I got in pretty late last night, so Keenan graciously slept until 8:15 this morning and then let me lay on the couch while he brought me different pieces for Mr. Potato head.

Moriah slept the last hour or so of the night in our bed, so when she woke up and I went in to feed her, Keenan brought me "breakfast in bed" from his play kitchen. I got some peas, grapes and a pineapple, a plate, a lid, three spoons, two knives and a fork! =)

Funny thing... Yesterday when he woke up from his nap, I heard him stir and then call, "Joia, Joia!" =) What a nut!

The other day when I was changing a poopy diaper on Moriah, he came over and said, "Nasty!" LOL (Yeah, because his are always so sweet!)


Mom W. said...

What a beautiful bunch of ladies, the little ones too (Elijah is handsome) = )

Mom W. said...

Is Elijah's hair reddish? It looks like it in that picure.

Mom E said...

What a funny story about Keenan calling you by your first name... :-)

Flakymn said...

Keenan's language is soooooo funny to me!!! Nasty -- too cute!