Sunday, March 15, 2009

Keenan's surprise and his birthday party

Here's Philip last night, assembling Keenan's new toy...

Can you tell what it is?

A trampoline!

This video is from this morning when Keenan first saw it...
After a few jumps, he had a little surprise of his own! LOL

We had Keenan's "Florida Birthday Party" this afternoon...

I decided to use some of Keenan's wooden stacking blocks for snack holders!

The cake

Wagon load of presents

We moved our Family Room furniture around to allow for more play space for the kids

I caught Keenan sneaking jelly beans =)

Woah, Fire!!

Two years old with his big cake

Keenan blowing out the candles and "Happy Birthday"

Eating cake

Some of our guests:

Brittney and Tiffany

Rob, Sarah, Della and Jodi

Matt, Philip, Clay (Brittney's husband)

Amanda and I


With one of the shirts from John and Wendi

A set of trucks from Jonathan

Thank you hug

Woohoo! A fire truck! (From William)

Opening his gifts from Madison and Jocelyn
(I love the look on William's face!)

Thank you hug/kiss with Della

Keenan is actually under the flying tissue paper

All his awesome gifts!

What a cutie

Moriah got a present too!
(The hat is a little big) =)

Isn't this outfit adorable??

Snackin' again

Della loves Moriah!

Helping Riah with her paci

All to himself again... =)

Giving Della a ride in the wagon

Della returning the favor - she's strong!

"After all that junk food, I should eat some fruit!"

We had a really fun afternoon and are so grateful for all of our wonderful friends coming and celebrating with us, and for all the great gifts!

Pretty Riah lying on the trampoline

Fireman Keeenan playing with his new truck

Still my baby

Noses with Daddy

"Look Mom, no hands!!"
(He's balancing on the tire!)

I had a bad case of Mommy Brain today... Keenan got $20 in a card as one of his gifts. I was super busy, picking up wrapping paper, looking for the camera, and checking on Moriah, and thought, "I need to put this in a safe place so I don't lose it". After the party, I couldn't find it Anywhere. I checked my pockets (multiple times), looked in the fridge, all over the family room, in the kitchen cabinets, in the office... nowhere. Then I thought, "Surely I didn't throw it in the trash! Did I?!?" Well, if it Was in there, I certainly didn't want it to go out with the trash in the morning! So... I dug through all the birthday trash... wrapping paper, cake remnants, plates with ice cream on them, snack crumbs, etc... and lo, and behold, there was the twenty dollar bill! (It didn't even have any icing on it!)
I also had a veggie platter that I totally forgot to put out! Crazy...


Rabens Family said...

Thanks for inviting us. We had a great time at Keenan's birthday party!

J, M, R, H said...

Happy birthday party Keenan! We wished we could have been there, but the videos and pictures were great for making us feel like we were! Tell your mommy and daddy thanks! Love you, Aunt Jessica, Uncle Matt, Reagan and Hudson

Shambach's said...

Happy 2nd Birthday to Keenan :-) His party looked like a lot fun!!!

Mom W. said...

Wow, a trampoline, what a wonderful gift! Looked like it was lots of fun. Glad you found that money Joia!! Oh my...

The Mac's House said...

What an awesome fun day. I just love the "happy birthday" singing, there was one little sweet voice on there that was just precious singing her little heart out. I bet that they all had a great time.

Happy Birthday Keenan!

Mom W. said...

Oh, Wow, I forgot to say, Your cake is Fantastic!

crazystegmamaof4 said...

What a fun party, Joia! Loved your cute cake! What a great idea to put pictures of the growing boy on there! I might have to snag that idea :) And we love those cool jumpy toys...our friends have the same one and we can't pry Dylan away from it most times. Though he is VERY rough in it to the point I thought it'd topple over a couple times. Happy B-day, Keenan!

Mom E said...

That cake was phenomenal and I loved watching the video of Keenan enjoying his trampoline. thx.
Love, Mom