Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keenan is TWO!!

Today, March 10th, our firstborn turned two years old! I can't believe it!

Here's the little guy just a year ago...

Quite a change in 365 days!

In the past year, Keenan:

Learned how to walk
Started Running
Started Talking
Grew Hair =)
Learned how to Jump
Became a Big Brother!!

His party and cake aren't until Sunday, but we are doing some birthday stuff today as well...

He got a birthday package in the mail from Great Grandpa and Grandma Eberts that he opened this morning as well as a card with birthday money from Mom and Jeff.

When I said, "Keenan, today is your Birthday!!" he said, "Cake!" Fortunately I still had a piece from his cake at my parent's house ...

...and I let him have it for breakfast! (Hey, birthdays only come once a year)

Painting in his new books from Great G and G Eberts:

And with his new train, Diesel 10:

A "grown up Two year old picture"...

What a stud!

Being goofy

And we can't forget Moriah!

My big brother is two years old - he's awesome!!

This adorable Precious Moments girl came in the package with Keenan's birthday present as well...

How cute!


Mom W. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Keenan! Yikes that cake is almost a week old, obviously Keenan doesn't mind stale cake.

2 years old, such a fun age, when they change daily and learn new things every minute. So fun...

Miss you all, love you too, Nice smile Moriah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Master Keenan! Glad we could celebrate with you last week. Glad your Mommy does such a good job at taking pictures of you too!
Love you all,
Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah

The Woodford's said...

Happy, Happy 2nd Birthday, Keenan, from everyone at our house! We love you!
Uncle Tim, Auntie Steph,
Mika, Shaelyn, Kyla & Baby XOXOXOxo

denise said...

Happy Birthday Keenan! Love, Easton, Dalton, Quinton, Denise, & Dan :)