Monday, March 23, 2009

Just pics

I don't have too much to say about today, so I'll just give you some pictures:

Riah trying out the Bebe Pod for the first time
(She's still a little young)

Keenan reading her a book

Keenan at the park with a new friend, Jaret

Trading sticks and stones from their piles


Climbing over the "ice cream counter"

"Hey, look at my snake!" (toy)

"Aaahh, it's gonna get you!"

"Let me see that thing"

Keenan and Moriah getting a wagon ride over to Myrtle's this afternoon

Keenan with the singing puppy that Myrtle bought him

Moriah smiling at Myrtle as usual =)

...and fast asleep

A gorgeous flower in Myrtle's garden (who's name I've forgotten)

1 comment:

Mom W. said...

Some sort of lily - beautiful! Wish we would see some flowers here... You sure have cute kids!