Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm back...

Sorry about the lack of a blog yesterday... I was working on editing pictures, got distracted, and then it was late and I went to bed... and here I am.

Yesterday was SUPER fun! A TON of family came over and we had a joint party for Philip's cousin, Emma (turning 8) and Keenan. He (and Moriah both) got a TON of great gifts - we are so blessed!

Last night, we went to visit Dave and Gretta, long time friends of Philip's mom (and us). We had a nice visit and Keenan loved their salt water fish tank (and the cat). =)

This morning we met our great friends, Anthony and Melissa for breakfast at their house. This was the first time we'd been together since the birth of their sweet baby girl, Maddy. She and Moriah are good buddies now... =)

After that, we stopped in and visited some of our old neighbors in Yspilanti, and then met up with Grandma for lunch at Red Robin.

We then came back here to the house and all had a nap before heading over to Aunt Patti's new house for dinner. We had a great time, and Keenan only broke one thing! =0/

I'm going to post Very Few pictures in the next few days just because of all the extra effort it takes... they will All come when I get home!

Here are just a couple pictures:

The birthday kids

Moriah with a new super soft lovey =)

Yay, cake!!

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Mom E said...

How awesome that you took the time to see David and Gretta! You rock. Such cute photos of the kids.