Friday, March 27, 2009

Girls Night Out/Rainy Friday

Last night I was able to go to yet another Girl's Night Out! =) Kara, one of the intern's wives, had a bunch of girls over, since her husband is working nights right now. We had a wonderful evening of great food (including two of my favorites - chocolate fondue and spinach artichoke dip), lots of laughter, chatting and getting to know each other better.

Moriah slept most of the evening, and then was very charming... =)

April, Tracy, Kara, Brittney, Bethany and Melissa

When I walked into our bedroom yesterday to get ready to go... this is what I found!

What a stinker!

Today has been a rather miserable, dark, stormy, rainy day outside, so we have stayed in all day, hanging out in our pj's...

I love how Moriah's hands are neatly resting on Keenan's knee =)

Since we couldn't play in his pool outside, Keenan and I played in the bathtub instead!

He had a blast, since the water was waaay deeper than it usually is for his bath, and he even put his face in the water a few times, after I put my head under

Great fun!

I just love those lashes... all the Dooley men have them

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