Sunday, March 29, 2009

First call in a while

Today is Philip's first call (where he works a 24 hour shift) in a while, so it's been a little strange, spending half the weekend by myself with the kids.

I actually got a LOT done around the house this morning, and then we headed on base to drop Philip's PDA off (and got to visit a bit) before heading to the Commissary (which was a nut house) to get some groceries because we had almost No food in the house!

This afternoon we took naps, did some laundry and then headed back to see Philip and take him dinner. We got in another good visit with him before he got called to the ER.

The evening has been filled with dinner, baths, stories and bedtimes.

A couple funny things Keenan has said lately:

"Yes Sir, God" (No idea where this came from... Philip says, "I guess he's just more spiritual than we are!)

I mentioned the other day that I needed to feed Moriah and he said, "Self" (meaning, "I want to do it") and lifted up his shirt! LOL!

Moriah in her little "sleeper-turned-nighty"

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Mom W. said...

Interesting expression on Moriah's face... Dad sure laughed at Keenan's comments... = )