Sunday, March 22, 2009

Family Fun and Disc Golf with Friends

This morning was a fun, lazy one just hanging out together. Philip and Keenan put together the little building project we got yesterday...

Keenan all dressed to work, watching and learning

So cute

Doing it by himself!

A little help from Daddy

The finished product - a little herb garden holder

When Moriah woke up, Philip and Keenan went in to get her. When I found the three of them snuggled together, I decided to join them and the four of us spent the next half hour or so playing together on the bed...


Philip and Keenan pretending to sleep

Sweet three

Keenan up on Daddy's feet

We put the camera between us and took a picture of both kids up in the air

Riah on my feet

Keenan helping Moriah balance

This afternoon we went disc golfing with our friends, Clay and Brittney and their girls, Madison and Jocelyn. They had never played before but did really well, and we had a blast having them along!

My boys

We play with an extra rule - If you throw your disc and it doesn't hit the ground (ex. gets caught in a tree or bush), you can throw it again and count it as the same throw. =) Clay got to take advantage of this, since these tiny twigs held his disc off the ground!


I wanted a picture of the four of them on the bridge, but Jocelyn didn't really want to be in it =)

Clay in action

Brittney made this Amazing putt!!
(See her disc in the air)

Keenan took a liking to Brittney and wanted her to carry him all the time! =)

The Three Musketeers
(Madison feeding Keenan chips)

Our first family picture in ages!

A friendly dog stopped by to say hello

Checking Moriah out

Madison taking a rest on the bench

Our group

Philip and Keenan in some palm fronds, where Philip threw from

Daddy doesn't need to see, does he?

Philip was also pushing the stroller at this point!

Philip "fishing" for one of our discs that went in the water
But, when that attempt failed... I made a deal with Philip - (If I went in and got the disc, he would have to never again mention the disc that I lost in a lake in Ontario) He said it was a deal, so in I went...

Feeling around with my foot for the disc... and finding lots of other gross things instead

Not having much luck

Then... Victory! Woohoo!

What a fun afternoon! =)


Rabens Family said...

Thanks again for inviting us. We had a great time. Thanks for not mentioning who threw the disc into the water. :) You are my hero!

Flakymn said...

I love that family foto!!!

And only a Canadian would go in the water in March!!!!!

Mom E said...

I am catching up again, this time using Dave's laptop while sitting in my mom's hospital room. Turns out her cardiologist is from Canada! cool, eh? lol.

Loved and laughed at the photo of Keenan covering Philip's eyes and showed the Dr. my crazy (fun) d-i-l in the water searching for the golf disc!


Jessica said...

You are my hero Joia. That is WAY better than the fence jumping I did on that course!! :) Love, Jessica