Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wifia etc..

Couple pictures from last night:

Philip giving the kids a ride around the family room in Keenan's wagon
(he requested that Moriah come with him) =)

Keenan wanted Moriah to wear his new hat

The wifia lunch was here today. I definitely like the way our family room is set up now for when multiple kids are here - it works so much better!

Keenan and Jonathan eating lunch
(the only two "big boys" today)

Jodi recently got a great dog, Jackson, so we had a little "puppy party" for her today and all brought fun gifts for the dog! =)

We had hoped to have the kids play outside in the pools, but decided that the water was still a little cool. Keenan didn't mind though, so he played out there for quite a while after everyone left (and is taking a Whopper of a nap now!) =)

Woohoo! First time in the pool in 2009!
(Trying out his new swim shirt for the first time too)

Moriah loved being outside and watching him!

No particular reason for this picture, I just think he looks really cute

Immediately after dunking his head
(The water is still running down his face)

He loved pouring water back and forth between the two pools

Action shot of his "dive"
I love his pointed toes... great form! =)

Puppy dog eyes
(He was asking me for something here)


Are you cold? "No!"
(Yeah, right!)

All finished and drying off

Riah reading the newspaper with Daddy when he got home

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Mom E said...

No one posted here, so I wanted you to know how absolutely adorable all the photos were. I especially loved the one of Philip reading with Moriah looking like she was reading too. And it's always cool when the camera catches the action water "splash" shots. Good job!