Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catching moments

This post doesn't have a theme, other than it being a little collection of "snippets" of how special Keenan is. I often have to stop and remind myself that, as challenging as he is sometimes, this season will pass and be gone forever, and I don't want to miss it.

I take a lot of pictures. Okay, that's an understatement. I take an absurd amount of pictures. There I said it. I admit it. I have a problem. It's called "If-I-don't-catch-it-on-camera-it-didn't-really-happen-and-I-don't-want-to-miss-a-single-special/cute/funny/random-thing-that-happens-in-my-day-so-I-take-pictures-like-a-mad-woman".

I currently have 10,916 pictures on our computer (taken since June 2007). This is Not every picture I have taken in that time, no way - it excludes Thousands that "didn't make the cut" for the blog or other purposes.

Anyway, all that to say... some of you probably think I post waaay too many pictures, but sometimes (like today), the pictures are just a way for me to remind myself how much I love watching my kids, and seeing them enjoy the tiny little things in life (finding the perfect stick/stone/acorn/watching the water, trying new things, running, jumping, getting dirty)...and stealing my heart every day.

Playing with his new play-dough and tools for the first time!

One of his kits came with "Mr. Potato Head like" accessories to "dress up" a blob of play dough
(You can decide for yourself who made which one) =)

Trying to master the play dough press

Making a "hairy" turtle

At the park:

I love this one!

He decided that walking Around was no fun, and that he had to go underneath!

Yay for Shout spray!

Looking at the water

My little man

Getting the hang of the drinking fountain

I love how the sand is pouring off the toe of his shoe in this one

Fun silhouette of him running down the beach

Demolishing the remains of a sand castle he found

Finding "treasures" in the sand

...and sharing them with me =)


Anonymous said...

Very cute!! I love the one of him between the 2 trees, looking at the water. And also the one with him sitting on the log.
Moriah is sure a smiley little girl! You have beautiful children, Joia & Phillip.

Jessica said...

The one of him in between the two trees is priceless. They all are, but that one is breathtaking. He is so adorable!! Oh and don't EVER apologize for taking and posting pictures. It makes me feel so connected and I really appreciate it so much!

rachel said...

I love your pictures, Joia! I think it's great that you take so many, too. You will be happy later that you have all those little moments to remember. Plus...who wouldn't want lots of pictures of those cute kids!