Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Canadian family/Keenan's second party

Our visit to my grandparent's house this morning went really well. They Loved seeing the kids, and both held Moriah for quite a while. Keenan was pretty shy at first, but soon warmed up and had a great time playing with my Grandpa's "lifter chair" as well as his walker, etc...

This evening a couple of my brothers and their wives as well as some aunts, uncles and cousins came over to visit with us and celebrate Keenan's birthday with us. (Keenan is going to have No idea when his actual birthday is!!) =)

I promise I will be doing a MASSIVE blog when I get home with ALL the pictures I've taken but haven't had a chance to post yet!

Here's just a few pictures from today:

The kids and I with my Grandma and Grandpa

All of us with Keenan's cake (he really is smiling, not crying here)

My sister in law, Ada, holding Moriah - in the adorable dress Ada and Rob gave her for Christmas!


The Woodford's said...

That's So great you were able to go visit Grandpa and Grandma - I'm sure they loved it!! The dress Moriah has on is Beautiful! Keenan looks so funny in the picture with his cake! =)

denise said...

looks like you guys are having fun! You should do the generations of hands picture since you have your grandparents, parents, you, and your kiddos together! (I think it was AK that forwarded that before). Have fun in the FREEZING north!!!

Jodi said...

That is a really cute dress! Love Keenan's smile!

Mom E said...

Yup, Denise, is was me who sent that "hands idea" and what a perfect opportunity for Joia to do this while home. I keep forgetting to do that with my own mom!

Moriah is so adorable in her dress and that little tongue sticking out. I especially loved the look on your Gr'ma's face when she was holding Moriah. How awesome.

Hugs to your family!