Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boys night out/Moriah's "room"

Here's a few pictures from Philip and Keenan's little adventure this evening...

Yum! A corn dog, french fries and slush from Sonic!
(What more could a two year old want?)

Keenan played for a Long time in this aisle at K-mart before they picked out a Really cool one
(Which you'll have to wait to see until tomorrow)

Philip said this video was to show me what Keenan had done just a couple minutes before...

Two buds back home
(With a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie for me!)

The toy from Keenan's Sonic meal - A Paratrooper Tater Tot! =)

I recently decided that for whatever period of time Moriah is going to be "living" in the guest bedroom, it should Look like her room. The last couple days I've been making it "girly" for her... =)

The Strawberry Shortcake bedspread is mine that my mom made years ago!
(Her cross stitch will hang at the head of the bed when we get a hanger for it)

More girly stuff

I thought this was a fun way to show some of the really cute cards she was given

Sweet Siblings

Moriah less than a week old with Frank and Myrtle

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Mom W. said...

Wow, that video shows what a big arm Keenan has grown.... LOL