Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boy Bouncing in Balloons

Just last night, I finally took down the balloons from Keenan's birthday party.... =0/

He decided to put them all in his trampoline, and has been having a BLAST with them! This was definitely one of the times I wished I wasn't too big to play in there too...

No, he's not wearing a "nighty", it's just a long shirt that he wore to bed, and after I changed his diaper this morning, I just didn't put his pants back on =)

Look how happy he is!

"I bet you can't tell who I am in this balloon costume!"

Pretty cheap fun... =)

This morning, I was rinsing something off in the sink, and Keenan wanted to see what I was doing and said, "Watch?" and I said, "It's not really that exciting Keenan, there's nothing to watch." Then I thought about it, and decided I'm going to try and not say that kind of thing anymore. He's only two, and just about Everything IS exciting and new and fun for him to watch... who am I to say "It's not really that exciting"... don't we All wish small things were still exciting to us?? That was my lesson for the day (well, at least for the first two hours of today)... let kids be excited about the "normal" for as long as it will last... that's precious and it will pass way too soon!

Here's a video of him jumping in the balloons...

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The Khans said...

HI, I am a friend of Brittny H. Just wondering where you got the trampoline. It looks small enough to possibly fit in our yard even.