Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday wrap

I can't believe I'm blogging Again today! I just had to finish up Keenan's birthday properly...

We met up with Philip at work, and headed to the mall this evening. We ate at Chick Fil A and let Keenan ride the carousel (His food and the carousel were free since it's family night!)

Even though he's ridden it once before, as soon as he saw the carousel, he said "No!" and turned to run. Once we convinced him to just watch it for a bit, he decided he wanted to go on it after all, and chose the big Bunny. He road it again after we ate, and wanted to Keep riding it!

Checking it out


Eating dinner

Second time around
(He and Philip had the whole thing to themselves!)

I just Had to take Moriah for a ride too...

How cute is she on her pretty horse?

This one turned out blurry, but I think it's adorable, she's actually straddling the horse! =)

After a quick run to Target, we came home, and let Keenan open one of our gifts for him (that we don't want to lug to his party on Sunday):


I think it's pretty cute

He and Daddy trying it out

Smiley Riah



Grandma W. said...

Yay, he wore his new SIZE 3!!!Birthday outfit on his Birthday! What a fun Birthday and great pictures!

Mom/Gr'ma E said...

Such a great smile on that little Moriah! And size 3 already for Keenan? Again, loved the photos. Thanks for being so diligent to take them so those of us who live far away can feel like we are there with you.

Love, Mom