Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Back with the wifia/Keenan's Dr. Appt.

It seems like I've been gone from the wifia for ages, but I actually only missed one lunch... maybe it feels like that since All of us haven't been together in so long. I thought we would all be there today, but Jodi ended up having to opt out =( It was nice to see everyone else though, now that we're all back from travels (for at least a few weeks).

We had lunch at the park again, since it works so well for the kids to play at the park (that way none of us have to clean our house for everyone to come over either!) =)

Back with my "Peeps" =)

Wendi, her mom, Diane, and Isaac and Elijah

Keenan had his two year well child doctor's appointment today....

36 inches tall!
(He looks kind of nervous doesn't he?)

I'm not sure what his head measurement was..
(He weighs a little over 32 pounds)

Philip was able to come for the visit as well

Dr. G. gave him a clean bill of health! =)
(She was talking to me here, that's why she wasn't smiling in the picture)


When I went to the Commissary today, I put my grocery list on top of the blanket in Moriah's car seat as I was getting the kids out of the van. When I went to retrieve it, I saw that she had picked it up and was holding it for me!

What a good little helper! =)

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