Thursday, March 12, 2009

Babies at MOPS and more Birthday fun

All three babies were at MOPS today, so we decided to get some pictures of all of them...

All lined up in their Cadillacs =)

Riah (almost three months)

Jackson (almost six months)

Chloe (four months)

Robin, Andrea and I with our babies

This afternoon Keenan got another one of his birthday presents. We had bought this sand and water table several months ago and put it in storage because he wasn't ready for it and the weather was too cold. Today (at 81 degrees) seemed like a good day to get it out. He loves it!

We'll see how long the sand stays In the table

This could provide hours of messy fun for our new two year old =)

Smiley girl enjoying being outside

More stunts on his trike =)

A sweet picture of Moriah sleeping last night


The Woodford's said...

Love the pic's of Riah smiling - the video is so cute. The girls will get a few miles out of that one!! =) Every video you put on they have to watch about 10 times! Seeing Moriah in her bouncy seat reminds me of Keenan when he did that 'one-foot' thing - I half expected to see Riah doing it too. Love ya's!

Mom E said...

I love videos because they let me feel like I'm right there with the kids! Keenan is so adorable too. How 'bout a video with both of them? If it's not too much trouble, that is. :-)


Jessica said...

I can't wait to kiss her sweet cheeks! Love the sand table! And, YOU, look AMAZINGLY slim and trim BTW!

The Mac's House said...

You gals all look WONDERFUL!