Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another rainy day!

How can the sky hold this much water?? It has been raining again most of the day. I waited too long to get out and run errands, and only got two things done before it started pouring again, so I wasn't able to make it to the grocery store.

Instead, I've been getting things ready for our trip. The kid's clothes are mostly packed, I made burgers, spaghetti sauce and cookies to freeze and take with us, and am working on compiling a long "toy list".

Yesterday, while Philip was sleeping (post call), I managed to get both kids down for a nap, jumped in the shower and headed to the couch myself. 18 minutes later, Moriah woke up, so she joined me on the couch. The good thing is, no matter how long she has just slept, she will usually sleep more.... as long as she snuggled up with Mommy. This is how Philip found us when he got up:

Little stinker, but she sure is cute

Me and my munchkins at bedtime last night

I haven't taken very many pictures the last couple days (the rain must have something to do with it).

These are from this morning, they aren't prize winner pictures or anything, I just found them sort of amusing...

Here Keenan is smiling and Moriah is just kind of bored...

...and here, Keenan isn't even paying attention and Moriah is like, "Woohoo! We're having our picture taken! Smiiiiiillle!!" =)

Both kids have matching red marks on their foreheads tonight from an unfortunate accidental "head bonk"... Neither one cried though!

More funny stuff from Keenan:

When Philip got home today, he asked Keenan if he had napped today. Keenan said, "Yes!", Philip said, "How long did you nap for?" (Not even expecting an answer that had anything to do with time). Keenan hesitated a moment and then said, "Six...months". We had Never heard him say this before, and don't even know where he came up with it! =)

We had peas with our dinner tonight, and on the way to the bathtub before bedtime, Keenan noticed one was squashed on the floor. He stopped and said, "Oh, Man!" (like, "How have I missed this awesomeness the last few times I ran by?") Then he got down on his hands and knees and licked it off the floor! Ewww!!

I actually took the number of pictures on our computer down to 9,370 today from 10,988! Yay!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

World's Cutest Nieces

I got these pictures today and just Have to show off my sweet nieces. My oldest brother, Tim and his wife, Steph, who live in Mexico are really good at making cute girls! =) They have another baby on the way (due April 21st), and I just know that, girl or boy, this one will be a sweetheart too!

The whole crew

Three beauties
(In dresses my mom made for them)

Marika/Mika (six)

Shaelyn (three)

Kyla (1.75)

I'm also excited to announce that my middle brother, Rob, and his wife, Ada, are expecting a baby in October!! Woohoo!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

First call in a while

Today is Philip's first call (where he works a 24 hour shift) in a while, so it's been a little strange, spending half the weekend by myself with the kids.

I actually got a LOT done around the house this morning, and then we headed on base to drop Philip's PDA off (and got to visit a bit) before heading to the Commissary (which was a nut house) to get some groceries because we had almost No food in the house!

This afternoon we took naps, did some laundry and then headed back to see Philip and take him dinner. We got in another good visit with him before he got called to the ER.

The evening has been filled with dinner, baths, stories and bedtimes.

A couple funny things Keenan has said lately:

"Yes Sir, God" (No idea where this came from... Philip says, "I guess he's just more spiritual than we are!)

I mentioned the other day that I needed to feed Moriah and he said, "Self" (meaning, "I want to do it") and lifted up his shirt! LOL!

Moriah in her little "sleeper-turned-nighty"

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun Family Day

Today started out dark, windy and rainy like the past few days... but we still had a great day!

We had french toast for breakfast, and then all three of us played with Play-dough for quite a while (while Moriah watched). Then we played with some different stuff before all four of us took a looong nap! Woohoo!

We got up (and the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day outside!) so we had lunch and went to Wal-Mart, and then played mini golf at Goofy Golf. Keenan is still a little young and didn't really get the point of the game (he kept picking up our balls or throwing them/or his into the hole!) but it was still a lot of fun. =)

The boys with the big dinosaur

Keenan's signature putt

Getting a little help from Daddy

He had the most fun running all over the place
(even if it wasn't the course we were on!)

It was definitely a little different playing with a baby strapped on!
(Philip was very sweet and split my score in half, since "both Riah and I were playing") =)

She actually managed to fall asleep on the bumpy, windy ride!

She's so sweet

Friday, March 27, 2009

Girls Night Out/Rainy Friday

Last night I was able to go to yet another Girl's Night Out! =) Kara, one of the intern's wives, had a bunch of girls over, since her husband is working nights right now. We had a wonderful evening of great food (including two of my favorites - chocolate fondue and spinach artichoke dip), lots of laughter, chatting and getting to know each other better.

Moriah slept most of the evening, and then was very charming... =)

April, Tracy, Kara, Brittney, Bethany and Melissa

When I walked into our bedroom yesterday to get ready to go... this is what I found!

What a stinker!

Today has been a rather miserable, dark, stormy, rainy day outside, so we have stayed in all day, hanging out in our pj's...

I love how Moriah's hands are neatly resting on Keenan's knee =)

Since we couldn't play in his pool outside, Keenan and I played in the bathtub instead!

He had a blast, since the water was waaay deeper than it usually is for his bath, and he even put his face in the water a few times, after I put my head under

Great fun!

I just love those lashes... all the Dooley men have them

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Stormy MOPS Thursday

We had a great morning and actually got to MOPS early.... before all the crazy bad weather started! There was a tornado watch, rain, hail, and the sky was sooo dark! We had a smaller group than usual, but had a great time anyway. =)

Keenan in the elevator with the umbrella
(He Loves elevators... and umbrellas)

I made another new dessert!

Peanut Butter Cheesecake Brownie Babies

A chewy brownie with a real peanut butter cheesecake center, topped with whipped cream and a cherry! (Yup, it's on the dessert blog)

Suzi, Tammy, Angie, Jen L, Jen M, Vanessa

Tiffany, Robin, Brooke, Moriah, Me, Courtney

Cindy, one of our members (who owns her own dance studio) gave us an Irish Dance demonstration and also taught us how to dance a jig! Here she is:

He got to carry the umbrella to the van in the rain after MOPS =)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More fun with the camera

Each of the kids was very accommodating for me today, taking staggered naps, so I could have time with the other one to do some fun pictures. Here are the results:

Smiley girl under her "oh so stylish" blanket

Nothin' like a pink feather boa to make a girl happy!

I think she looks like a pink lion here! =)

I think this is cute, but she probably wouldn't think it was her best angle.. lol

Gotta love satin bloomers

Sitting up with some help

She wouldn't look at the camera, she just kept smiling at me!

Look who's in the laundry!

This is still one of the best things about little babies... =)

Cute angle

This is one of my favorites of the day

Our feet together

Cute little ear

Her signature profile

Next it was Keenan's turn. He's probably just about too old to be having "diaper shots", but I couldn't resist one more time...

I sure love this kid to pieces!

Sweet boy

I love his little toes pointed together

"There was a little boy who had a little curl..."

Next we put on one of his new outfits (from his birthday)...

This is so authentically Keenan! =)

Handsome dude

Beach boy

Florida looks good on him, don't you think?

Jus' chillin'

I love you, Boobah!