Saturday, February 28, 2009

We Made it!!

We are here in the frigid North (current temperature about 15 degrees) Brrr!

Overall, we had a Great trip up here! We did end up driving straight through, instead of stopping for the night. We're so glad we did, since the kids slept pretty well (most of the time). Once it got light out early this morning though, Keenan was pretty much wired (and ready to be out of his seat) for the rest of the trip. It ended up taking us a total of 19 hours - not too bad.

We got to Uncle Ty and Aunt Mary's house at about 12:30 this afternoon, got settled in and then all four of us took a (much needed) nap.

Taylor chatting with Moriah

The afternoon was spent just hanging around here, eating, and watching Keenan chase Snickers (the dog) around the house. This evening we went and visited Philip's aunt and uncle...

Aunt Mary and Uncle Dennis

Wearing Keenan's hat

All snuggly in her velour outfit (from Aunt Mary and Uncle Dennis)

We had a nice visit and chat with them, they got to meet Moriah for the first time, and we had some delicious chocolate pie (made by Uncle Dennis) as well! =)

With both kids before we left

Moriah meeting Uncle Ty when we got back
(She was pretty quick to smile for him!)

We are still Exhausted and are off to bed! Not sure how many pictures I'll be posting this week, since I'm using Philip's laptop and it takes about ten times as long (and as many steps) to upload and edit my pictures as I'm used to...


auntmary said...

We really enjoyed our visit with all of you and meeting "Riah" for the first time and Keenan again! What a beautiful family you are. Please send me all the pictures you took here.

Thank you for coming to our home. Have a safe journey to Ontario, OH and back to FL.

Luv 'n hugs

Jodi said...

Glad you made it safe and sound! It's really cold here too, but not quite as cold where you are. Have a great trip!

Mom E said...

How fun that you got to see everyone. Great photos w/ Aunt Mary and Uncle Den. So glad you are going to OH too. Thanks for taking time to do that. Love, Mom
P.S. Hugs to your family in Ontario!

denise said...

cute pics! I know my parents were excited to see you guys. wish I could have been there to hug and squeeze on the kiddos too!

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