Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Months Old!!

Our sweet girl is two months old!

I think this outfit is precious (thanks, Melissa C!) and was perfect for this special picture

We discovered yesterday that she has Dimples!!
(I've haven't been able to capture them on camera yet though)

Moriah and I both had check ups today. She has gained five pounds (well, one ounce shy), putting her at 11 pounds, 9 ounces, and has grown almost 4 inches in two months! =) What a little chunker!

Snuggling with Daddy while we waited for the doctor
(I thought the camo and pink was cute together)

Having her head measured

...and her temperature taken

She loved looking at everything

Dr. G listening

...and seeing how well she can hold her head up
(look at the tiny little tuft of hair sticking up on the back of her head!) =)

My friend, Brittney, and her daughters, Madison and Jocelyn were kind enough to watch Keenan for me during my and Moriah's doctor's appointments. He had a great time and is featured on their blog today.

I picked up ice cream cones at Sonic before I got him and he had a blast eating his and making a huge mess of Brittney's chair!



Rabens Family said...

Cute pictures! We loved our time with Keenan today. Thanks again for the ice cream.

Mom W. said...

Wow, Moriah she is turning into a little chunky chub - Healthy! 2 months old - slow down baby, you are growing up too fast! = ) Do ya think she will double her birth weight by 6 months??? Triple? Hmmm

Flakymn said...

I see Keenan in that first pic of Moriah!

The Woodford's said...

Absolutely adorable, Joia! Love the pictures! I can hardly believe she's already 2 months - wow, I wish we could see you all already! Love you each and every one!

Mom E said...

She is adorable! Can't wait 2 C her (and Keenan too, of course!) again in April. Love, Mom