Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday with Friends

This morning, we picked up Jodi and headed to a trail near her house that she told me about. I knew Keenan would love tromping through the woods (and that it would likely end in a great nap later!)

The trail

One of Keenan's many sticks (he made Jodi carry the rest) =)

Me and my babes

My little bear cub

Keenan got tired and wanted to be carried a lot, so Jodi got Lots of exercise hefting him along!

I love how his hair is all "sun-shiney" in this one

Yup, he's tired...

We had a lunch date at Wendi's house after our walk, so I dropped Jodi off at her house, and then decided to run through the car wash before picking up some lunch for Keenan at Sonic (I knew he wasn't going to make it to Wendi's awake).

I figured the car wash would be really fun for him... wrong! He was terrified! I had to reach back and unbuckle him and bring him in the front seat with me because he was crying! =0/

After he had calmed down a bit (he still wasn't a huge fan)

Normally, I love washing cars, but the van is a Lot bigger (and higher), and I definitely think I'm going to be investing the $4 it takes to have it done For me more often then I'll do it myself. =)

Fast asleep as I'd predicted

Isaac, Riah and Elijah

We had a wonderful lunch at Wendi's (yummy goey grilled cheese, fresh veggies, fruit and chips) and I got to meet her wonderful, friend Joan. Joan is Isaac's birth mom's mom and has known Wendi since before she was born! She is a "kindred spirit" and is a photoholic like me!! =)

Moriah was a big fan of her =)

Me 'n' Elijah

Elijah snuggling up to Moriah in the bouncy chair

Awww, good buddies...

Keenan getting in on the action

We tried to take some posed shots of Elijah, but he wasn't a big fan of being unswaddled, so we didn't have a whole lot of success. Here's what we got:

Sweet Baby Elijah

Elijah's had enough, and Scrubs is getting in the picture! =)

Cute little toes

My sleeping beauty

Joan and Elijah

My little Dude


Mom W. said...

Well, I have never met John K. in person (only Wendi) but from the pictures I have seen of him I sure can see the resemblence in Elijah in the one of him on his tummy on the white thing... teddy bear? fleece? Wow, he must be related or something. It is fun seeing him and Moriah together, bundled up like that they look almost the same size and the lots of hair/no hair contrast is so cute. He looks really alert and like he is seeing well for 3 weeks. I guess I should be making these comments on Wendi's blog, are you reading this Wendi? ;~]

Jessica said...

1) Your hair looks awesome!
2) Jodi is so pretty!
3) That picture of Keenan and the sunshine hair makes him look like a cherubim!
4) The pic of Moriah and Elijah is beyond precious. Wedding bells?! LOL! KIDDING! I realized the other day that I would one day have 2 daughters-in-law and it nearly made me pass out.
5) I have a story to tell you about how your vacuum selling catastrophe saved MY day yesterday. I need to call you though b/c I don't feel like typing it.
Love you! Jessica

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics.

What is that on Keenan's lap when he is crashed out in the car, some kind of soft tray?

Isn't it something how we think that they might enjoy something as simple as a car wash and it scares them? I always found that amazing with just simple things too.

What a great time it looks like you and Jodi had. You're nearing the end of your week without Phillip, I bet both of you can't wait to get back to the normal routine. I think you've done outstanding, keeping both you and the kids busy with activities.


Mom W. said...

Oh Jessica, daughters-in-law are wonderful!!!! At least, all of mine are!!

Flakymn said...

Yep! Wendi read it!!! :)