Friday, February 20, 2009

A Treasure Discovered!

We've had a great day number two.

After a couple errands this morning, we decided to have lunch in Keenan's fort:

I have no idea what face that is
(It's very similar to "Choir Boy")

This afternoon I decided to check out our local library. Why have I never been there before? Because it just looked like a tiny little hole in the wall, stuck over near the police station with some other small community services. How good could it really be?

I had Heard that it was pretty cool, but I guess I still didn't believe it. But, when the library we usually go to was closed today, I decided we'd check it out. The cool thing is, it's within walking distance of our house!

I figured it would be a good walk for Keenan and wouldn't be too far, so I didn't take the double stroller. However, about a block from the house, he wanted me to carry him, so I figured out a way that he could ride too!

No, he's Not sitting on Moriah (his butt is actually between her feet)

So... wow, we got there and I was Totally impressed!! It's much bigger inside than I had expected, and it's got a little of everything! Access to the internet, a great genealogy section, tons of movies, books on cd (which is one of the main things I was after), kids videos, and the BEST kids play section Ever!! I think I was as excited about it as Keenan! They have a stage area where they have story time twice a week, with huge stuffed animals and fun puppets, a playhouse, a train table, mini benches, puzzles, trucks, a magnet table, etc...

This is a Huge "sanity saving" resource, right in my own neighborhood that I've never taken advantage of before! (cue the Hallelujah Chorus).

Keenan and the Giant stuffed dog!

Playing with the trains

My little monkeys with the big monkeys

Riding an elephant

I picked up Mamma Mia! at Blockbuster (figured that would be a good pic for while Philip was gone, since he'd probably not be into that). A friend took me to the live musical (Yay, Kristin!) several years ago in Toronto and it was Fantastic! Hopefully the movie will be just as fun.

I've also been moving furniture around. (Don't tell Philip!) I'm trying to decide if there's another way that will work for our family room furniture. I like variety. I might post pictures later and ask for opinions...


Anonymous said...

haha you will have to let me know how the movie was! I havnt seen it yet! and im soon hoping to go see either dirty dancing or we will rock you!

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy the movie, Joia? I loved it!! It's a real feel good movie, and who knew Meryl Streep could sing so well!!! But Pierce Brosnan should NOT be singing, in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Moving furniture, LOL, I have to laugh I had a boss that use to go home and promptly try to sit where his chair USE to be and would fall on the floor. He was a lawyer and never even paid attention to details at home, never noticing his wife moved the furniture. She had called me and told me what she had done with his reaction to him falling on his butt. Too funny! I bet Phillip would notice immediately.

Momma Mia movie, we received it for Christmas and watched it Christmas day, all of us LOVED it! I hope you did too.

You're doing a great job keeping everyone entertained and busy I know it can be hard I use to deal with weeks at a time deployments where we had no contact and that wasn't fun at all....... We use to drive around and get lost....

Mom E said...

LOL, Jeff actually loved Mama Mia and I didn't like it at all! Did you like it?