Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sorry, no title ideas

Not a whole lot of excitement going on today...

Please continue to pray for Wendi.

It's been a fairly quiet day at home with my two munchkins, who are still not feeling super great.. =0/

Here's a couple pictures from the day:

Snuggling in our bed after Keenan's nap

Snuggling her teddy

Philip tickling Keenan
(Yes, he's wearing my "Canada" pajama pants)

Cute shirt


Mom E said...

such fun photos! I *loved* the photo of Moriah snuggling the teddy. Hudson was sick today too. Hope everyone gets well soon. Love, Mom

Mom W. said...

Ha, I wondered if those pajama pants might end up on Philip... =)Poor babies, not feeling good. I loved Moriah's smile, it is so fun when they start responding with a smile. I never would have guessed she would have been so excited about a 'talking towel' though.