Saturday, February 14, 2009

The rest of our V-day

This afternoon, Keenan, Moriah and I went over to see Myrtle. Today is her birthday, so we took her a gift, a birthday card, and some Valentine's cards (one was from Keenan and Moriah with a picture of them on the front, and Keenan's "decorations" on the inside).

I love this picture... especially Moriah staring up at her!

Moriah gave the best gift of all... a whole bunch more of her precious smiles!

I think she made Myrtle's day =)

This evening we did some shopping on base quickly before the store closed, and then took dinner to Philip (at about 7:30, because he'd been so busy all day!)

With his favorite - cheesy potatoes

I love this one

He's pretty crazy about this little Valentine

Here's a cute video of him teaching her Hail to the Victors:


Flakymn said...

i love all the smiles!!!!

A Day In the Life . . . said...

Myrtle is such a nice looking lady, don't you think? I love older folks, they have so much to offer society - I think people get better and better as they get older. (most of the time ;)

Joia said...

You're right Sam, She IS a nice looking lady! =)