Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One more sleep!

Philip comes home tomorrow night!!

Today has been nice and sunny! We had a fun lunch/playdate/get dirty/run around time with some of the wifia at the park on base.

Moriah happy about the warm weather and chance for some fresh air!

Look at Keenan's crazy, static hair!

He's actually hanging all by himself!!

My friend, Becky (who I had lunch with the other day), is coming over tonight so we can watch a movie together. Her husband is out of town as well, so we figured we might as well get together and watch a chick flick! =)

I'm trying to get most everything organized for our trip (we leave Friday afternoon for Michigan and Ontario), before Philip comes home, so I'm keeping pretty busy!

Just before supper, we went over to the airport, found Philip's car, cleaned it out, and left him a treat and a welcome home sign. (I have this strange feeling that he's going to surprise me and come home earlier than he was planning...)


Mom E said...

Have fun on your trip to the Tundra.It is my mom's 95th b'day that day.
Loved catching up and seeing all the pics and hearing all the things you did to survive while Philip was gone. Give him a hug for me too and can't wait to hear how it all went for him.
Erik left for CO today; it's been tough around here. Love, Mom

denise said...

It is great that you guys were able to stay so busy while he was gone! I'm glad he is getting back just for you to have your partner back :) That picture of Moriah is so cute! Love the static picture too. I am loving the warm weather, we got some today too. Have fun packing for your trip, you might need a car top carrier if you are driving it :)

Philip/Daddy said...

I hope I didn't ruin the suprise that you left me, but I wanted to check out the blog while I'm at the USO in Dallas. I am trying to get on an earlier flight but it is currently full and there are four of us all traveling back together. I'm very impressed that you found the car. I hope I can do the same when I get back. I love you three so much! See you soon.