Sunday, February 1, 2009

On my own

It occured to me this morning when Philip left for his 24 hour call shift, that this is the first one he has worked since Moriah's birth. That means this was the first whole day and night that I will spend with the two kids.

The day has gone well. Moriah has slept a LOT and Keenan has been Really well behaved. He even took a whopping two hour and 45 minute nap this afternoon! Way to go, Keenan!

This evening we took Philip his dinner, had a short visit with him, and I got to pop in on Wendi and see Elijah again. I caught him with his eyes open this time!

He didn't seem particularly thrilled that I was taking his picture.. =)

Philip and Keenan goofing around in the hallway

After leaving the hospital, we joined a bunch of our friends at Rob and Sarah's house for a Super Bowl party. I watched None of the game, but had a really fun time, chatting and eating great food! Keenan had a blast with Della, William and Christopher!

Jodi, Sarah, Della, Moriah, Me, Brittney and Tiff

Me and the little bunny =)

Keenan ate pretty much the entire night! Right before we left, I found him, sitting on the Thomas the Train couch, with the whole bowl of peanuts!

Since Keenan had such a great nap, he didn't end up getting tired and cranky at the party, so time totally got away from me, and we didn't get home until almost 10! (I'm hoping that maybe he'll sleep in a bit in the morning now, but it doesn't seem likely...)

Well, Moriah and I had better get ourselves to bed...

Check out Wendi's blog again for a tear jerking account of Elijah's birth from JB!


Mom E said...

caught up again! lol. Loved all the photos. the one a couple blogs ago with Keenan "reading" to Moriah was absolutely a treasure! And Moriah looking up at Philip was adorable too.

Reading the acct. of Elijah's birth brought tears to my eyes. What an awesome story of God's deliverance. Give Wendi a hug from me. Congrats to her on a job well done, and to you for being such a good friend.


denise said...

love the bunny ears!!! Thanks for the link to Wendy's birthing story. It made me cry and remember my c-section. I'm so happy for them that he is doing so well!!! You are a great friend to be keeping up their blog for them.