Thursday, February 19, 2009

Off into the blue...

Last night...
I'm coming with you, Daddy!

Philip left early this morning. It's 8:48 AM now, and we're doing well so far! =)

Last night, Philip did a bunch of video clips for Keenan to watch while he's gone. He'll have cell phone access until Sunday, but from Monday until sometime Thursday, he'll be "out in the woods" and unable to call us, so he made messages for Keenan for the days that he won't get to talk to him. He also read a book on one of the clips, and did two songs for Keenan as well. So cute! =)
Reading the book, You're My Little Love Bug

Keenan watching him this morning =)

This morning, when Keenan and I were watching one of them, I noticed that there was a new one, titled "For Joia". He must have made that one this morning while I was feeding Moriah. I clicked on it, and the song, More that played at our wedding started playing in the background (cue downpour of tears) and he was there, talking to me, and telling me how much he loves me and that he's proud of me and will miss me etc... Then he lip synced with the entire rest of the song, and then held up a paper that said "Joia I Love You - Philip". What a sweet guy! (I'll be watching that a few times over this week).

Now on to my rant about yesterday afternoon...

We had just gotten home from the wifia lunch and doing some shopping, and the doorbell rang (at about 1:50). The door bell Never rings, because we Never use our front door! (In fact, there's a sign on it that clearly says, "Please use side door". Our doorbell is very loud and could easily wake a napping child (they're lucky Keenan wasn't down yet).

I went to the door, and there was a girl and a guy standing there, both in their 20's. She asked how I was doing and said that they would like to show me some cleaning products, do some free cleaning for me and get my opinion. I was strong, I said, "I'm sorry, I have two kids, and one of them needs to go down for a nap right now, I really don't have the time." She said, "Oh, it will only take a few minutes, there's no pressure and you don't have to buy anything, Cory here will get paid just to show you the stuff."

I thought, "Oh, fine, I'll give them a few minutes, maybe they'll show me some super awesome cleaner that I can use on my sink, stove, toilet, floors, fridge, counter tops, dishes, clothes, kids etc..., then they'll leave, he gets paid, and I can put Keenan to bed." (Now I don't really think that, in general, I'm a really gullible, easily swayed person - I tend to be pretty strong with telemarketers, etc...)

So, okay, I'd said, yes, so she sent Cory to the van to get the stuff, and held up a 2 litre bottle of pop and said, "Do you like Dr. Pepper?" I said, "Actually no", she said, "Sprite?" I said yes, so she yelled for him to bring a Sprite in also.

I went to grab Moriah who had just woken up and came back and they were bringing "the stuff" in, a huge box, holding.... a KIRBY VACCUM CLEANER!!!! At this point I pretty much wanted to throw up and was like, "Oh.... MY GOODNESS... I CANNOT believe this is happening. (I'd like to point out that never Once was the word "vacuum cleaner" uttered in our previous conversation... they were completely deceptive, because they know no one would let them in the door if they were up front about it!)

I really wanted to put the brakes on it right then, but I'd already said they could do it.... =0/

They came in, and while they were setting it up, she asked if I'd ever used a Kirby before, and tried to make small talk, which I answered with pretty short answers (gotta admit, I wasn't feeling really "chatty" by this point). She then said she needed to go help another client and that Cory would show me the vaccuum and do some cleaning for me. (Jodi actually called at this point, and when I told her what was going on, she offered to "create an emergency" so I could tell them I had to leave the house. I should have taken her up on it... stupid, stupid, stupid...) The woman then made her exit.

I was still standing at this point, and Cory said, "Why don't you sit down and make yourself comfortable, this won't take long." ("I'll sit down, but I'm NOT comfortable!!")

He then proceeded to show me the cleaner and all of it's (sort of cool, but a little bizarre) attachments and features. This thing has a Transmission and is self propelled, it has attachments that can: inflate air mattresses and balloons, spray paint, plunge a toilet, massage your back (hopefully not with the same attachment), buff wood floors, shampoo your carpet and furniture, curl your hair (okay, I made that one up), anyway... it supposedly does just about everything.

He then went on to tell me that if he makes so many sales, he can win a vacation trip (for he and his "fiance", who are getting married "within months"... which I think is a lie, anyway..) and showed me a brochure about that, (I guess so I would feel bad not helping him out?)

He did let it slip though, that he makes $25 a pop, just to show people the cleaner, he doesn't even have to make a sale. (Well, there went any teensy bad feelings I was going to have when I sent him packing....)

He also said at one point ".... I mean cleaning system, we're not supposed to call it a vacuum cleaner." (AHA! The truth comes out! He said he was new, and it was obvious, since he was letting out all the "secrets!")

He cleaned the couches in our front room (and took several sample pads out of the cleaner to show me all the nasty stuff he got out). Yes, I agree, this was pretty disgusting to see.

By this point, I was Really hoping that Moriah would start screaming and need to be fed or that Keenan would have a meltdown since it was past his naptime, but no, Moriah slept peacfully on my chest, and Keenan was quite delighted to see all the cool stuff this machine could do! (Thanks a lot for your help, kids!) =0/

Then he started talking about dust mites and how people have millions of them in their beds and they don't know it... and then Told me, not asked me, that he was going to clean our bed next... I was like "I don't Think so pal, you're not going in my Bedroom!" Besides, we have a water bed, so it wasn't going to be what he was after anyway. He then asked if he could do Keenan's bed. I said "Fine".

He cleaned Keenan's bed and the carpet in his room (doing more sample pads, so he could show his boss what he'd done).

Somewhere around this point, he said, "So, your husband's a doctor?" (They had gleaned this information during our "small talk at the beginning"). I had lost almost all patience by this point and barged in with "Yes, and that Doesn't mean that we're loaded!" (A very common misconception about doctors). He got all embarassed and was like, "That's not what I was getting at! Blah, blah, blah"

He finally looked like he was starting to wrap up and then said, "Do you like what you've seen, and if this machine was affordable would you buy one and use it?" I said, "Definitely!" (Thinking, You have NO idea what I mean by "affordable" pal, it's a lost cause!)

Then he called his boss to let him know what he had done and what I'd said about it. While he waited for the boss man to arrive, he showed me a booklet with more information about the vacuum and the company's history etc..

The boss comes, sits down, asks me some questions about how I liked the vacuum cleaner and what model we have and then tells me the price of the Kirby. $2399.00 However, "We can make this work for almost anyone's budget!" he said. Yeah, if you break it down into monthly payments, and I pay it off for the rest of my life! (Okay, it was three years at $56 a month). I said there was No way that we could afford that, and that we didn't agree with financing.

He then made another plea, and marked it down to $1490... "Um, still No." (With both of them giving me puppy dog eyes - and Cory holding up his employee incentive package), I said, (ready to wring their necks and throw them out of the house) "I have no doubt that this is a fantastic vacuum cleaner, and that it would do great things, but I Cannot do this, and would Never make this type of purchase without my husband's input, anyway.

As a last ditch effort, he slashed it to the " low, low price"of $999 with a $40 a month payment. "But this would be the display model, with no attachments and is a one time offer, once I walk out of here, I can't give you this deal anymore".

("Dudes, I am sooo ready to wring your necks and throw you out of my house!!")

I said, "I'm sorry. No."

He then thanked me for his time, went outside to the van, and another guy came in to help Cory put the vacuum away. He then started asking me questions like, "How did you like the vaccuum, what deal did our boss give you... Wow, I've Never seen him go that low! etc..."

(I'm thinking, "Okay, pal, you're the FOURTH person to talk to me about this, and I decided looooong ago that I wasn't buying, so save your breath!")

Finally, after OVER AN HOUR, it was over. I shut the door, picked up my bottle of Sprite (wow, that was worth it), and put Keenan to bed.

I was exhausted, totally annoyed at the hour of my life that I had just flushed down the drain, and was ticked that, due to the interruption, I had forgotten to put the roast in the crock pot and now there wasn't enough time for it to cook before dinner. Shortly after that, Moriah spit up on herself and I twice, requiring shirt changes both times, and then I accidentally knocked a box of 20 craft paints down the basement stairs when I was taking something down. By the time Philip walked in the door, I was ready to cry! (Okay, I'm done whining now, and yes, the rest of the evening went much better). =)

Now, all of you Kirby owners out there - feel free to tell me how much you love your Kirby and that it's the best vacuum ever. It may be, I just don't have a couple grand sitting around to buy one.


Debbie said...

Oh I seriously want to throw up just Reading your story. We have an almost identical story from when we lived in MN. One of the Worst hours or two I've ever spent in my life, I truly believe. Those Kirby's are sooooo expensive and the song and dance the bully sellers do are sooooooo not worth it!! You have my sympathies for that yucky time! I can truly empathize.

Anonymous said...

A Dyson is the way to go, if you are shopping...Much more affordable and well worth every single penny!

auntmary said...

O girl! I knew where this was going...

I had a similar experience years ago with a Cutco sales person. I learned (the hard way) to NEVER let sales people or (strangers) into my home again!!!

You were quite vulnerable. I'm so happy you struck with "just say NO". Unfortunately, we all have to learn 'the hard way', eh?

Luv 'n hugs

Mom W. said...

Obviously "cleaning products" is a very general term - NOTE for future reference. At least it didn't happen while Philip was gone when you might feel even more vulnerable. Fun that he made the videos for you and Keenan. Wish you could pop over here for the week. Call me any time.

Rabens Family said...

I am sorry to hear that they got you too. They came here about two weeks ago. They did shampoo my living room carpet though. That is about the only good thing that happened. At least you were able to get them to leave after an hour. They were here for a couple hours. Clay says that I am too nice. Once he got home, he had no problem kicking them out. It is a good vacuum, but way over priced. We have a Dyson and I was amazed at all of the dirt the Kirby found that my Dyson didn't get. Clay and I did look on ebay and craiglist and you can buy a Kirby much cheaper than what they were offering.

Flakymn said...

Okay first of all -- the good things. That book about the love bug? I have it! I love it! Mom K. bought it for Isaac and when I saw it when I got home from the hospital in my hormonal state I started crying. Really crying. Seriously.

Okay, now onto this adventure. Honestly my stomach hurts just reading this post. I can feel your frustration. This sounds like one of those "time share" sales ... where they keep bringing a new person to try to help sway you. Gag! Man!

As to vacuums, we have a Dyson but if we didn't have a dog, I don't think we'd bother ... the Dyson is awesome and totally worth what we spent on it (which wasn't even CLOSE to what this guy was asking for!)

Bruce Woodford said...

Here's a tip on how to get rid of vacuum cleaner salesmen (I once took a morning to train to sell them. Was impressed with how much better theirs worked than our own....until I reversed the test and found that our "old clunker" picked up lots of stuff that theirs missed!)
After they vacuum your carpet or whatever and show you what your vacuum left behind, ask them if that means that their vacuum is better than your current one. Of course they'll tell you, "Yes!" That's the whole point of their demonstration!

Then you simply ask for one of their little "filter pads", bring out your own vacuum, place their filter pad in your own machine and go over the same area which they just did. Show them all the stuff that YOUR vacuum picked up that theirs missed! (It really will, no matter how old yours is!) Since this "proves" that yours is "better", tell him his only option now is an even trade or the end of his demo!


Joia said...

LOL! Dad, I Love your idea! =)

denise said...

I'm sorry for the vacuum issues! I had a Culligan guy do the same to me, but I don't think it was an hour :) What a wonderful way to end a frustration is to get "happy mail" (or "happy video") from your man! That is great :)

Anonymous said...

So, I had the same experience but actually did get suckered into buying one. I was about to give birth to my first child and was horrified by all the dirt on my carpet that had just been vacuumed that afternoon. I had visions of my child rolling and crawling around on all that dirt. We did get the price down, and it is a WONDERFUL vacuum, but the thing is still overpriced. Also, it's very deceptive how they get in the door. They told me they wanted to "shampoo my carpets." Sorry you had such a frustrating experience.

Jenny Wilson
Stuttgart, Germany
(blog stalker friend of Wendi's)

Liz said...

joia! how terrible! i can't believe you let them in! i suddenly love my apartment even more and never want to be without the buzzer, the security camera, and the two front doors.
way to stick to your guns!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you refrained very nicely. The biggest door to door "sales people" we have around here are the Jehoval's Witness that try to get you to come to their place of worship. They are very insistent, I won't go into details as to not offend others but they come in rotations around here so I just now don't bother to answer the door.

My Grandfather was a "kirby" salesman back when it was acceptable to do the door to door salesman thing, I mean way back when farmers wives were too busy with helping out on the farm and rearing kids to even worry about the luxury of going out in town to shop. I think it was like the Fuller Brush people. But anyways, good machines but oh so pricey these days! Dyson is ok but still even with all our pets I'm not impressed with the machine at all.

Mom E said...

I loved the photo of Moriah in Philip's duffel bag and his creative idea to leave video messages for you and Keenan. I'm sorry I didn't realize Philip was gone when I called you the other day. I am still catching up on the blog and didn't read till now that he had been gone.
Erik left this a.m. I've been really down all day. ;-( Love, Mom