Monday, February 9, 2009

More warm weather

Today was another beautiful day!

The kids and I did a bunch of running around today, a post office stop, a brief visit with Wendi (who is doing better every day!), drinks at Sonic, then we hung out at Sarah's for a bit, while waiting for another friend to get home so we could drop something off, and then we went to the park. After that we met up with Philip and went grocery shopping at the Commissary before going home. (We've decided that this is the way to do it, this way we each take one kid, split up and get it done twice as fast!)

Moriah fast asleep on me last night

Our cuties in their matching pajamas =)

At the park...

Jumping on the bouncy bridge

Climbing over the barrier (he spent almost the entire time doing this, back and forth)

He wanted to go on this swing soo bad... but no...

I love this one.. =)

Not too much else to say about today... night!


The Woodford's said...

I love the pic of them in their matching pj's - and the one of the little bum hanging over the swing! So cute! =) Love you all!

denise said...

cute pictures, as always!!!

Jen said...

Cute PJ pic! My kids have the same ones.

Anonymous said...

What cuties in their pj's......!