Thursday, February 12, 2009

MOPS, etc..

This first picture is from last night. Moriah was sleeping inside my zip up sweater again, and had accidentally grabbed her pacifier out of her mouth, and then just kept hanging onto it for the longest time! =)

How cute is that??

We had MOPS this morning. It was the first time Keenan has been totally fine with me leaving him in the childcare (without needing Bunny and his paci or needing me to stay with him for a while) - very exciting!!
It was also my first meeting in my new role as Discussion Group Coordinator and I think it's going to be a lot of fun!
We took a group photo, which I'm hoping to get my hands on soon. It's cute, because we were all dressed in Valentine's colors (even Moriah).
Moriah slept through 90% of the meeting.... =)

Jess, this dress was perfect!!

One of the cute luminary centerpieces

This week's craft, painting miniature vases

When we got home from MOPS, the bug guy came to spray the house. He hadn't been here since before Moriah was born, and when he saw her he said, "Oh, is this your new one?" I said yes, and before I could tell him her name he said, "It's a little man, right?" Okay, folks... I realize she's bald, and her face isn't really that girly yet.... but she was wearing a pink and red striped DRESS!!" How does this happen?? I just don't get people who ask such questions when the baby in question is dressed in PINK!

We got a fun Valentine's package in the mail today from Mom, Jeff and Isaac. I can never wait to open this kind of thing, so we already opened it, even though it's not Valentine's yet. We each got a card and a little gift. Keenan's was especially cool, as this video shows...

Shortly after we opened the package (he Really liked the packing peanuts!)

With the fully inflated balloon

Showing off a new style, wearing your shirt, with one arm out the head hole!

...and a sweet picture of the two of them at bedtime

Philip didn't get home until 8 tonight, but the great thing is that (other than discharging a patient in the morning), he doesn't have to work tomorrow since it's a Family Day - woohoo!!


Jessica said...

yay!!! that dress is so adorable on her. She looks like a little candy cane! LOve you!! Jessica

denise said...

oh my gosh, LOVE the dress! Super cute. And the sleeping pic is adorable too.

get used to stretched out neck holes, at least around here we do! Easton has a knack for putting his arm up through the neck instead of down when he is getting undressed :)

Flakymn said...

Isaac often got the girl question, even in blue ... go figure!

Keenan's gift woulda scared me I think. :)

Mom E said...

lol, I didn't know the balloon would *pop* like that. I hope Moriah's "magic" washcloth is cute too. And you did know that some of the pkg. contents was for Philip's b'day too, right?

I loved the pic of the 2 of them at bedtime. Keenan is *so* precious with her!

You do really cool things at your MOPS too. It looks like a great group!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm always totally shocked when people ask the opposite sex of the baby when it is clearly one or the other, ours now we're going back 21 years ago, she was dressed in a full frilly pink dress and a BOW plastered to her little bald head and someone asked, it is a boy???? Yes we are training him early to cross-dress was what I always wanted to say but would smile and nod no It's a GIRL...... Oh come on people, really?? Loved the little dress outfit and Keenan's gift looked pretty awesome.