Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lunch at the park

This is a very picture heavy post! =) (Just the way I like it).

A sleepy Moriah in a cute outfit borrowed from her pal, Chloe

Keenan loves to get as close to her as I'll let him..

We decided to have the wifia lunch at the park today so the kids could play (and so they'd take great naps afterwards!) lol

Keenan and I drove through Burger King (my husband is in shock as he reads this, since I claim to hate the place), and then met Tiff, William, Sarah, Della and Jodi at the park.

Moriah all bundled up in her sweater (that's still a little bit big)

Della and Keenan sharing some fries

This was Keenan and William's first time on this swing and they loved it!
(I used to like these as a kid, now it makes me sick just to watch it!!)

Cute boys

I was in an editing mood...

Moriah's hat has a way of sneaking down on her while she sleeps! =)

Getting a hand from Tiffany

Della peeking in at Riah

Keenan learned how to climb a ladder today!
(The angle makes it look much taller than it is, it was only four or five rungs)

Jodi and Della swinging together

Making a "train" on the way out of the park

Keenan was exhausted and dirty, so I guess it was a great time!!

We got home just in time to beat a good old fashioned Florida rainstorm! Keenan is napping and I surprisingly don't need one today, so I actually have a couple hours to get some things done that have been accumulating.


Mom and Isaac said...

The first photo of Moriah was an "awww" moment. I cannot believe how big she is getting! So good to see Jodi and Tiffany again too. Hi to them. lol. Cute, cute shots of Keenan with the other kids too. Isaac loves to see the pics too and said, "oh, I just love Keenan's curly hair!" :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was an awesome day there in Florida. It was like that here in Virginia too except for the wind. Loving some of these "spring" like days.

The kids must have had a ball, I can't wait to get out there with my granddaughter (9 months old now) and experience some of that fun this summer.