Friday, February 6, 2009

Lovin' the Weekend

I love Fridays. =)

Especially on weekends when Philip doesn't have to work... once Friday gets here, I feel like I sort of breath a sigh of relief. Relief that there will be another big person around for a while, to talk to about more than trucks, books, snacks, blocks, etc.. and also to help with our two little munchkins for the next two days!

It Did occur to me yesterday (maybe I had been trying not to think about it, hoping it would go away), that in just two weeks (actually less than that, 12 days), Philip will be leaving for a whole week of training in Texas! This will be the longest we've been apart when I wasn't away somewhere visiting someone, and also the first time he'll be gone since Moriah came along. I am a little bit worried about it, but I'm sure it will be fine, especially if I plan lots of fun stuff for us to do each day, so we don't go crazy... =)

Also, less than 24 hours after he returns from that trip, we hit the road for Michigan and Ontario! Since we have the van now, and flying is soo expensive, we'll be driving up there for the first time. With all the delays we usually have in airports, it'll probably take about the same amount of travel time, and we'll save a boatload of money! I'm really hoping there will still be some snow around for Keenan to play in. He was too young last time to remember it. I got out all his snow clothes today and had him try them on... we still need boots.

How cute is he??

I decided to make myself a sling today. With Moriah still not feeling great, she isn't happy for very long lying flat (since she can't breath very well), and is very comforted by being snuggled, so
I figured I'd have to figure out some way to still be able to get things done around the house while holding her.

One twin fitted sheet later...

Snug as a bug!

* Wendi goes home tonight!!


The Woodford's said...

Wow, hard to believe you head up to MI/ON so soon. Wish we could be there while you're there. Too bad Philip has to be gone for so long before then! I'm sure you'll do fine though, you seem to keep yourself fairly occupied! =) Thanks for the special mention yesterday - I'd totally forgotten! Love the snowsuit and sling pic's - I'd like to get a sling for this next baby.
Love ya lots,

Anonymous said...

Love the sling, was it easy to make?

Keenan, bundle up Little Man it is definitely going to be cold where you will be visiting. You're going to have an awesome time there though I just know it, playing in the snow.


Mom E said...

Such cute pics of Moriah in your coat (a few blogs ago) and now in the homemade sling. You are so talented. Keenan is adorable! Check with Jessica for boots...I thought I gave her some that Isaac used to wear.
Today (Feb.7), we celebrated Erik's b'day. Wish you guys could've been here! So close, yet so far!
Love, Mom