Monday, February 16, 2009


First some more pictures from last night:

Keenan did a little show for Moriah... starting with Fashion:

Philip thought it would be funny to do his onesie up Over his pants... lol

Moriah was getting a little bored, so...

He then proceeded to do some "death defying stunts":

The jump...

...and the cool, "surfer boy" landing

"Oh my, this all seems entirely unsafe!!"

"It's okay, Riah, should I check on your heart?"

I love how he is just a blur in this one...

Since today is a holiday, Philip didn't have to go into work early, and we actually got to sleep in (thank you, Keenan!) until after 8! Philip was reading in bed, and then Keenan wanted him to read the book out loud. We all enjoyed learning some new football stories. =)

Moriah actually looks really interested! =)

We visited John and Wendi this morning. It was the first time Keenan and Moriah had "met" baby Elijah. Wendi is doing and looking great, and it was really nice to chat with them, since we hadn't been over there in quite a while. I was excited to get our first picture of the two babies together:

I don't think it'll be long before Elijah catches up to Moriah

The "Big Brother" club

After our visit, Philip headed in to work to do some things for a patient he delivered the other night, and we headed home for lunch and naps.

This evening we'll be making plans for Philip's time away and our trip coming up.

This next picture is sort of random, but I wanted to share it, because it's Keenan's first picture that he has named - this one is "Kitty"

The "flowerish" looking things aren't part of his own work

I call this one "Cheeks"


Flakymn said...

Thanks for visiting us today! I loved the onesie over the pants! LOL!

Mom E said...

Oh my, I didn't think you could get funnier than yesterday's captions, but these are hysterical; especially where Moriah is "concerned about safety" and then Keenan checking her heart!!! Isaac and I laughed and laughed on that one! AND, we (yes, even Jeff was viewing the blog tonight!) all loved the surfer dude pose after the "death defying jump"! Too cute!
I know this is long, but just had to say we were all "dooley" (arr arr) impressed with Keenan's "kitty" picture too!

Mom, Jeff and Isaac