Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Other than Philip being at work for 24 hours, and the rain coming down outside... it's a pretty good Valentine's Day here in our house. =)

First good thing... You Know it's going to be a good day when... have a HUGE chocolate kiss to eat! =)

Philip and I exchanged gifts last night. We usually don't make a very big deal out of Valentine's so my gift was pretty simple: Some candy and a book about NFL football. He, however, went all out and bought me an Amazing gift (that he's been dying to give me for the past six weeks apparently!)... a digital picture frame!

He put about 200 of our pictures in it, as well as 100 different Valentine's messages from him, Keenan and Moriah! =)

I gave the kids their little gifts this morning:

Keenan opening his

He was Much more interested in the candy than the little dog I gave him! =)

"Helping" Riah open hers..

Here he is (all on his own) modeling her headbands
(on his head, around his neck and on his wrist)

...and completing the look with hair bows =)

With Keenan's balloon and their new dogs
(Not overly impressed here)

I like this one because he looks so mischevous

Neither of them are looking at me, but they both seem pretty happy...

Riah wearing on of her new headbands, snuggling with her dog
(Cute shirt compliments of Jen M)

What a cute trio!

Have a Wonderful Valentine's everyone! =)


auntmary said...

Very cute pictures as always. You are so creative. Ever thought of "opening" your own photo shop?

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

Luv 'n hugs

Mom W. said...

Happy Valentines Day! Guess what Joia, Dad gave me breakfast in bed, or at least part of breakfast in bed, the fruit part, then eggs and bacon at the table, very nice.

"... up above the world so high like a dinasaur in the sky..." that is hilarious.

Love you all.