Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Philip!

Today is Philip's birthday!! (Which means mine is 100 days away... I love being the younger one) =)

It's also Canadian Flag Day, apparently... I had no idea.

Philip only got about an hour of sleep during his 24 hour call shift, so he went to bed right after eating breakfast this morning (the poor guy wanted to go to bed as soon as he got in the door, but I had made waffles, and he felt bad, so he stayed up to eat) =)

Moriah pretty much fills the doll stroller now =)

Keenan holding Riah
He insisted the "bears" (dogs) had to be in the picture also

I broke out another batch of new stuff from Moriah's closet today. It's crazy how big stuff looks when it's on the hanger, and then I try it on her and it almost always fits! Here's one of her new outfits (a Christmas gift from Grandpa and Grandma Eberts):

I figured there was no way people could mistake her for a boy in this one
(Who am I kidding? That can still happen, it seems... I was hoping the Thank Heaven for Little Girls bib might help)

This afternoon we went to Boathouse Landing for a late lunch to celebrate Philip and Myrtle's birthdays. Hers was yesterday, she turned 78. It was fun and they each got a yummy complimentary dessert.

Keenan diving into the hush puppies

...obviously he's a huge fan

This was a great opportunity to get a picture of Myrtle and I together
(I think I only have One other picture of the two of us)

All of us

Philip's dad called to wish him Happy Birthday, so Keenan wanted to chat too
(He said something about the van and french fries...) =)

Moriah snoozed most of the time

Key Lime pie

The Birthday boy and his boy
(That's his "cheese" face)

Moriah wanted to wear some more new clothes, so she had a blowout when we got home.. =)
(This one is Super soft and is from Grandma D. I think)


denise said...

Happy Birthday Philip!!! Love, Dan, Denise, Easton, Dalton & Quinton :)

Mom E said...

So good to talk to the "birthday boy" today and to hear Keenan sing us "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I can't believe Moriah can fit in the outfit we bought her already! Her pacifier matched it almost perfectly! I see she's already learning to "accessorize". lol.