Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yay, we're halfway through our time without Philip!

Moriah had (and thus, I) had a great night last night, and she slept until nearly 10:00 this morning. That meant that Keenan and I got two hours together, just the two of us this morning, that was really nice. =)

Some pictures from our day:

Tummy time

I just thought this was a fun angle

Pondering life... or perhaps, where Daddy went??

While I was in the shower, Moriah was sleeping in the swing, and Keenan was playing with his toys. When I was drying off, I heard her start crying, and I ran out and.... Keenan had completely Covered her head and face (as well as her shirt) in about half an inch of lotion!! He went to time out, and I quickly tried to get it off of her (and out of her eyes) as fast as I could. Fortunately, it must be very mild, since she didn't seem bothered by it in her eyes much at all.

Here she is fast asleep after the ordeal...

Here he is trying to "kiss up" later...

Best friends once again =)

Since it was a bit cold for playing outside today (but we still Needed to get out of the house), I took Keenan to Kid Zone, an indoor play area, in Fort Walton Beach. I thought it was a little over priced, but Keenan had a blast... and took a second nap afterwards, so maybe it was worth my money after all... =)

Here's a bunch of pictures from there:

Climbing into the Jump Zone

Obviously this one didn't turn out right, but I thought it was fun anyway!

Climbing up the ladder to go down the slide in one of the bouncy houses


Bravely trying out another one...

"I'm goin' in, Mom!"

Some of the fun stuff

He Really wanted to try out some of the arcade games

Fortunately, he doesn't know you're supposed to put money in them yet

Navigating his way through the dog ball house (with big kids flying past)

...sliding out when he'd had enough

Woohoo, head first!

Big jump!

This evening, Jodi came by and spent some time with us while Cliff was doing some stuff at work. She thought it would be funny if Keenan tried on Moriah's bathing suit. =)

Here he is with the bottoms on his head!
(We actually did put the whole suit on him, but I'd better check with Philip first, to see if I'm allowed to post those!) LOL

Moriah sleeping on Jodi while Keenan has a bedtime snack

'Night all!

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Flakymn said...

So glad to hear M is sleeping better. JB reminds me (about every 9 seconds when one of the boys is crying), that crying is healthy and provides exercise!!

Also kidzone looks AWESOME!!!!!