Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fun Wednesday

We had a fun (and quieter than usual), small wifia lunch today. It was just Tiff, Jodi and I (and William, Keenan and Isaac). William and Keenan had a great time playing with William's trains and tools, and Isaac just crawled around and played whatever they were playing.

Playing with the Thomas trains

Moriah snoozing through it all (with William's stuffed animals on guard)

Little ham
(He totally brightens up whenever there's a camera around!)

Keenan very intent on using the train controller

William wanted Madison to dance (they came to get Isaac)
It Looks like they're sharing a sweet moment, but really she's saying, "Please let go of my hands!!" LOL

This evening Philip watched Keenan and Moriah so I could go visit Wendi and JB. It was nice to actually be able to sit and visit this time, instead of rushing in and out like my previous visits. She's doing Amazingly!! Read her blog for more details.

I got to hold him for the first time and was thrilled that he was awake!

Wendi looks AWESOME!!

On a random note... It's SO COLD here! It's currently 29 degrees, and the low today was 18!!

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rachel said...

Hi Joia!

First off...I LOVE all your little pink stuff for Moriah! Awesome! We find out in a month what we're having...I can't wait. I don't care either way...seems like there are fun things about both boys and girls to look forward to. You are certainly having fun with both, it seems!

Second - that is so great that you have been to Dominica and even neater that your parents were missionaries there. We just thought it was such a neat country with such very nice people. Beautiful, too, although quite a bit of rain! I'm hoping to make it back down to FL to visit the Kits and if I do...I'd love to see your pics!

Have a great one,