Sunday, February 8, 2009

First shorts of 2009!

Since it was Such a gorgeous day today we decided to take a walk to the park with the kids. I was so excited that it was warm enough to wear shorts! =)

This was Moriah's first walk to the park, and she was a huge fan!

Keenan up front, having a snack en route

Philip pushing for the first leg of the trip

I thought this was very sweet

Keenan figuring out how to climb this on his own

Philip and I played catch for a while. Every now and then we had to let him have a turn with the ball

On the swing


Us with some beautiful scenery

Riah and I on the beach

Keenan and I on the way home

This afternoon/evening, Jodi and Cliff watched Keenan for us so we could go on a date. Moriah was with us, but she still sleeps so much that it was still very "date-like". =)
We decided to go to TGI Fridays, since they have a "Buy one entree, get one free" deal going on. Thanks for telling us about it, Brittney! The deal is going on until March 1st, just go to and you can print out the coupon!

Without the carseat showing in the corner, you'd think it was just the two of us! =)

Philip was trying out our wireless headsets for the DVD player in the van, so I set Moriah beside him in Keenan's car seat. I think it makes her look so tiny!

She is now seven and a half weeks old and weighs 10 pounds, 11 ounces and is 22 inches long (a growth of four inches!)


Mom W. said...

Ahhhh, don't grow too fast Moriah, Grandpa wants to see you so much (so does Grandma!) =) Can't wait...

Anonymous said...

Joia -

What kind of stroller is that? I'm expecting #2 and that stroller looks nice and compact! Is it a sit & stand?



Mom E said...

It's hard to believe Moriah is almost 2 mos. old already! I loved the photo you entitled, "awww"....and I agree. ;-)
Love, Mom