Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Right now, I hear Philip talking to Keenan in his room. They just finished with his bath and read the Bible, and now Philip is giving him the "You're the man of the house now" talk, since he'll be leaving tomorrow morning for a week.

He's going to Texas to do "C4". This stands for Combat Casualty Care Course. He'll be spending the first part of the time in class, learning ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support). After that, they'll have realistic simulations of Level One and Level Two combat hospitals. One thing I read about his week said, "Must be able to run, jump, crawl, climb, kneel, hang, and carry up to 50 lbs. with no limitations". Does that give you an idea of what they'll be putting him through?

We will miss him terribly (and I know all of you veteran military wives reading this must think I'm such a baby). This will be my very first taste of a teeny, tiny, miniature deployment. Prayers are appreciated. =)

Keenan "helping" Philip pack

A snuggly Riah last night

The shirt says it all...

Just because I'm a fashion diva doesn't mean I'm a wimp...
don't mess with me I know Kung Fu. (Hey, if a panda can do it, so can I)

...and I caught the Dimples!!

After dinner tonight, Keenan decided we should each wear one of Philip's hats

I had an incredibly exasperating experience this afternoon that I may blog about tomorrow. I don't want to take time right now out of my last few waking hours with Philip before his trip...


Rabens Family said...

We will be praying for everyone while Phillip is gone. If you need anything while he is away just call. We would love to have Keenan over for another play date if you need a little break.

Anonymous said...

I in NO way think you are wimp. You seem to be doing well. Better than me...and I have been through a few TDY's. Let me know if you need anything. I am home most days. ;)